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Brigitte Sumner - Turnaround Coaching and Consultancy. Eastbourne, East Sussex, GB

Brigitte Sumner Brigitte Sumner

Turnaround Coaching and Consultancy

Eastbourne, East Sussex, UNITED KINGDOM

Brigitte gets called the Turnaround Queen and has been named as the 3rd best speaker in Asia



I help people with any kind of Turnaround that they are after and use many tools to get there, my key notes and trainingen are fun, upbeat, yet poignant and educational. I speak about communication, relationships, leadership, parenting of teenagers, home and work environment, finances, business, health and fitness, business.

My clients have included HR Forum, Yes group, Atkins, Time to Shine and more.
I mainly work with high flying executives, entrepreneurs, teenagers, the homeless and celebrities.