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Bruce Burke - Gulf Bay Consulting. Clearwater, FL, US

Bruce Burke

President & Founder | Gulf Bay Consulting


Exploring the convergence of social media, mobile connectivity and payments technology.




Paybefore Wrap-Up Of Social Mobile Payment Conference & Exhibition Convergence: Social, Mobile & Payments in Generation-M! OboPay Influencers Report: Top 20 Mobile Commerce, Mobile Banking, Mobile Payments & Mobile Money Influencers On Social Media!


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Bruce Burke is the Founder of Gulf Bay Consulting and the Organizer of the Social Mobile Payments Conference Series. Burke is a telecom veteran and innovator in mobile money, e-pos, international mobile top-up and other types of electronic transactions. His experience includes product development, project management and brand marketing including his current work in mobile financial service ecosystems and their integration into existing economies.

Burke is a frequent speaker and panel member at various mobile & payment conferences. He is interested in: innovation, alternative payments, as well as the security and authentication of mobile payments and transactions. Bruce is very active in social media and was recently recognized as being one of the top 20 influencers in social media (specifically Twitter) concerning Mobile Commerce, Mobile Banking, Mobile Money and Mobile Payments in a study done by Obopay

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President & Founder – Gulf Bay Consulting (professional)


Gulf Bay Consulting (GBC) provides services to businesses and individuals related to Social, Mobile, and Payments. In addition, GBC also offers executives and entrepreneurs with management and operational consulting services. Our unique perspective, coupled with our ability to identify and capitalize on trends, provides strategic and tactical information. This knowledge creates new sources of revenue, increased profits, and improved operational efficiency.

Event Organizer – Social Mobile Payments Conference & Exhibition (professional)


The triangulation of social media, mobile connectivity and payments technology is changing the way we interact with others, live our lives, and buy goods and services. New business models are emerging, group buying, and right-now deals are reshaping commerce. The Social Mobile Payments: Americas event will explore the forces that are changing the way today’s consumers interact, live and shop in Generation-M.

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Mobile Money Forum 2011  Montreal, Quebec


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SMS is the most successful application ever launched in the mobile world. However SMS sometimes seems to be a secondary consideration in Smartphone-driven app-crazy world. But the reality is that most people still do not have Smartphones and more up-take is available through SMS than through apps. Bruce will present the point of view that mobile money should be about inclusion, not about separation, and that for mobile money programs to be successful they need to be ubiquitous and accessible.

Mobile Money: From Infancy To Intrinsic

It seems everybody except my brother is trying to get a toehold in the marketplace with their version of a mobile wallet. But in order for a mobile wallet to replace our right rear pocket accessory it needs to provide all the capabilities that its leather counterparts have been providing since the dawn of society. Some companies companies are starting to make inroads, attempting to transition mobile wallets from their infancy, moving them towards becoming an intrinsic part of our modern society.

Triangulation: the three-legged stool of Generation-M!

In today’s hypercompetitive marketplace, organizations are engaged in a fierce and constant battle to grow revenues and increase profitability. The growth and proliferation of social media coupled with increasing usage of mobile devices has added new dimensions to the dynamics of customer acquisition, consumer engagement and client retention. Join Bruce as he provides an overview of how social media and mobile broadband are affecting both retail & marketing, and how companies are responding.

Convergence: Social, Mobile & Payments in Generation-M!

This presentation was given by Gulf Bay Consulting's Founder Bruce Burke at the Prepaid Press Expo. The presentation was given in the "Using Social Media" session held August 16, 2011: Paris Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada



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