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Bryan Segal - comScore. Toronto, ON, CA

Bryan Segal

Senior Vice President | comScore

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Segal brings over 20 years of business development, operational acumen, and client relationship expertise to his role at comScore.


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Does comScore video metrix include mobile video views?

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Comscore Video Metrix Multi-Platform delivers a total view of consumer digital video consumption across desktops, smartphones, tablets and OTT devices.Premium video content and advertising can be strategically planned, bought and sold across platforms using digital-exclusive and TV-comparable GRP metrics. Video Metrix Multi-Platform offers unduplicated, person-level video audience measurement across digital content and ads, providing insight into audience size, reach, engagement and demographic composition. Holistic View Across Devices: Gain a complete view of audiences’ video consumption with comprehensive coverage of the desktop, mobile, and OTT ecosystem. Unduplicated, Person-Centric Data: Get unduplicated, person-level insights.

Does comScore measure mobile traffic?

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Yes, Comscore helps understand the total mobile audience behavior across browsers and apps. Comscore Mobile Metrix captures total mobile audience behavior on browsers and apps across smartphones and tablets. Comprehensive reporting provides metrics such as reach, unique users, page views, browsing duration, demographics and average daily visitors. With Mobile Metrix, publishers and content owners can demonstrate the value of their mobile app and mobile website audiences. Agencies and advertisers can strategically plan and buy advertising on mobile platforms to reach their target audiences.

What does comScore do?

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We help leading media properties, brands, and advertisers connect the dots to grow their businesses. Comscore is the trusted currency for planning, transacting, and evaluating media across platforms. Cross-platform measurement is necessary when making informed business decisions in an increasingly complex media environment.Plan: Connect the dots across multiple data sources to discover and act upon new opportunities to drive business growth.Transact: Build your business around the transformative currency for media measurement in a cross-platform world.Evaluate: Understand the impact of media and marketing efforts so you can improve ROI and make future decisions with confidence.





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Bryan Segal is a leader within Canada’s fast-growing media and technology sector, and a digital media veteran, having worked with many of the market’s leading broadcasters and marketers to develop advertising solutions within the increasingly complex media marketplace.

Segal brings over 20 years of business development, operational acumen, and client relationship expertise to his role at comScore. Most recently, he was CEO of Engagement Labs, an early-stage technology company that provided data-driven solutions for marketers to drive business results via social media. During his tenure, Segal help launched TotalSocial, the world’s first solution that integrates all consumer conversation both online and offline.

Prior to Engagement Labs, Segal spent the majority of his digital media career at comScore. As Vice President, he helped clients such as Bell Media, Rogers, Corus, Procter and Gamble, Walmart, TD Bank, Yellow Pages Group, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, GroupM, Publicis Groupe, Interpublic Group and Omnicom Media to develop data-based solutions to solve their business challenges and drive results. An industry leader, Segal is a Board Member of the IAB Canada and is a frequent speaker on technology and media across the country.

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Consumer Electronics

Direct Marketing


Financial Services

Food and Beverages

Health and Wellness


Market Research

Media - Online

Public Relations and Communications


Social Media


Travel and Tourism

Areas of Expertise (9)

Market Research

Audience Analysis

Media and Technology

Strategic Planning

Business Development

Digital Media

Client Relations

Executive Advisory

Business Operations

Education (1)

McGill University: B.A., Sociology, Statistics 1999

Affiliations (1)

  • Board Member, IAB Canada: 2007 to present

Testimonials (3)

Andrew Robitaille, Regional Vice President | Adobe

Bryan is the winning combination of personality and substance. One can equally appreciate his data related jokes at an industry event, and valued perspective on the future of digital, media, and social networking. A great leader in the digital community.

Tomer Strolight, Past Colleague | Comscore

Bryan is one of the most responsive and responsible people I've ever worked with. He fulfils requests incredibly quickly (including after hours and on weekends) with expert knowledge and great service. In all the time I've known him, nobody has ever had a bad word to say about him.

Simon Rivard, Entrepreneur | Comscore

Responsive, professional, knowledgeable and cool are the best words to define Bryan. I’ve worked with him for the first time in 2006 and till then we are dealing together on a regular basis as MediaMetrix is a key partner of Canoe. Bryan have the ability to quickly understand our needs and always find a way to address them in a timely manner… giving us the impression that we are his most important client!

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On the panel was Bryan Segal, senior vice president of Comscore, Adam Boyes, CEO of Iron Galaxy Studios (and former VP at PlayStation), and Adrian Montgomery, CEO of Enthusiast Gaming.

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Election ads on WeChat posted by users: company

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Platforms that publish in a language other than English or French must have more than 100,000 unique visitors from Canada each month to be subject to the law. Bryan Segal, senior vice-president of Comscore (which measures web traffic), said WeChat gets an average of 616,000 unique visitors in Canada per month.

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Bryan Segal to take top post at ComScore

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ComScore Canada GM Brent Bernie has announced that he will step down from the company’s top post effective Jan. 1. Taking his place will be current VP of sales Bryan Segal. Segal has worked in digital media research and analytics for 18 years. He got his start with ComScore as a research analyst and, throughout the next 14 years, moved up in the company to eventually assume the role of vice president.

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Canadian internet users looking more beyond Google and Facebook: report

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Segal said he wasn’t surprised by Snapchat’s growth and “significant slice” of the market, given the app’s younger base of users. “The core population Snapchat goes after is a highly, highly digitized millennial audience that is severely app-focused … and they spend a lot of time (online),” he said.

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Mobile devices almost double internet use

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It's "extremely large" growth, which represents the impact that mobile has on the traditional digital world, according to comScore vice president of sales, Bryan Segal.

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2020 This article is part of a series of insights that reveal a Canadian perspective on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on consumer behavior and significant audience shifts across digital platforms.

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