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Bud Stumbaugh Bud Stumbaugh

Founder and retired CEO | AssuranceAmerica Corporation


Mired in mediocrity? Forget the cliché, "Do the best you can." Pay no fee if I don't inspire and instruct how to "Do the best you can't!”



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Bud Stumbaugh now owns a silver spoon but didn’t grow up with one in his mouth. In fact, he sometimes had no spoon at all. His school drop-out mom found it difficult to put food on the table for him and his three sisters on the minimum wages she earned after his father left when Bud was one.

At nine years old Bud picked cotton for a penny a pound to help buy school clothes. In high school Bud couldn’t date because his mom didn’t own a car and, as he said, “You can’t pick’em up on a bicycle.”

He grew up with an inferiority complex which had him stuck on scared. But Bud got unstuck. He decided he didn’t like being disadvantaged and defeated. He worked his way through college and now has an honorary Ph.D. on top of his bachelor’s degree. He overcame his fear of public speaking and became a motivational speaker before conventions and business, religious, civic and political groups. He also served 8 terms in the Georgia State Senate. And he built a company from zero to $200 million in ten years.

Some feel Bud did what seemed impossible. His book will inform you how to also do what seems impossible and will inspire you to tackle the task today.

Industry Expertise (3)

Management Consulting

Training and Development

Professional Training and Coaching

Areas of Expertise (4)

Marketing & Corporate Strategy

Politics & Government

Politics & Public Policy


Accomplishments (3)

Georgia state Senator (professional)

8 Terms


From the Office of the Georgia Secretary of State.


For, leading the successful fundraising effort to build a national/international retreat center for college students who had not been selected to fraternity/sorority membership.

Education (2)

Lipscomb University: Bachelor of Science

Faulkner University: Honorary Ph.D

Affiliations (6)

  • Board of Directors, Faulkner University
  • Board of Directors, Holly Theatre
  • Board of Directors, Epilepsy Foundation
  • Board of Directors, Global Impact
  • Board of Directors, Boy Scouts of America
  • Board of Directors, Hope Village

Testimonials (8)

Jim Bailey, Treasurer | Dawsonville Rotary Club

In my 7 years faithfully attending every meeting of our Rotary Club at which we had an outside guest speaker, you are the only one who ever elicited two uniquely extreme emotions from us. We actually cried and then laughed. I also don't recall anyone ever receiving such a long-running standing ovation at the end of their speech.

Jack Malinowski, President | Benchmark Technology Group

You ignited a fire with your wisdom, wit, animated and energetic style and memorable personal anecdotes. Every time I see a cantaloupe at the grocer I'll think of you. Count on us inviting you back again!

Marcia Franchoise, CEO | Maristaff Corporation

It has been a week since you spoke to our annual meeting and the 'buzz' has not yet ended. None of us will ever again worry about the view from our offices. We will be too busy envisioning the future.

Stacey Andrick, National, Sales Manager | Grainger Corporations

Your inspiring message was first-class; actually, the highest-caliber, most effective presentation our group has had in my five years with the company. We've broken old sales records in the last thirty days. I attribute that to how you motivated us to conquer challenges we once thought were impossible to achieve.

Robert Haram, Salesman | Benchmark Technology Group

Bud was hilarious and took the initiative to understand the basics of our business ahead of time. Normally, I don't want to hear the same speaker twice. But Bud absolutely nailed a message that is timeless and needs to be heard again. How about at our conference in Hawaii?

Ralph Samples, Senior Software Engineer | Barton Security Services

Your planning guideline is very 'poster worthy.' You should market that. I feel like I now have the knowledge to effect some real meaningful change in my work and life.

Shawn Pendergrass, Vice President Sales | Upton Associates, Inc.

Your speech was interrupted with applause so many times I don't know how you finished on time. Of course, it would not have mattered if you kept us all night long as we were so captivated and motivated we would never have complained or fallen asleep anyway."

Kathy Mullens, President | Specialty Insurance Agents Association of Texas

You said you don't have a set fee for your speeches--when it's over just pay you what we think you are worth. Well, we had over 3,000 attendees at our convention and, based on the three standing ovations you received, we can't afford to pay you what you are worth. We are, however, enclosing the biggest check we have ever written for a guest speaker.


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