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Bukola Oyeniyi - Missouri State University. Springfield, MO, US

Bukola Oyeniyi Bukola Oyeniyi

Assistant Professor, History | Missouri State University

Springfield, MO, UNITED STATES

Dr. Oyeniyi's research focuses on the social and cultural history of Africa.



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Bukola Adeyemi Oyeniyi: From Brain-Drain to Brain-Gain Maroon Minute: Dr. Oyeniyi and Dr. Wanekaya




Dr. Bukola Oyeniyi is assistant professor of history at Missouri State University. His research expertise is on the social and cultural history of Africa, specifically internal migration and human development, social conflicts in composite societies, terrorism, and dress and identity in Yorubaland.

He is the author of Dress in the Making of African Identity: A Social and Cultural History of the Yoruba People and co-author of Africa in Focus: Nigeria.

Industry Expertise (2)

Education/Learning Research

Areas of Expertise (6)

Social and Cultural History of Africa Internal Migration and Human Development in Africa Social Conflicts in Composite Societies African Historiography Terrorism in Africa Dress and Identity in Yorubaland

Accomplishments (2)

Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study (professional)

Bucharest, Romania

Samuel Nkoli Africanist Award, Integrated Regional Network (professional)

New York, NY

Education (3)

Leiden University (the Netherlands): Ph.D., History 2012

University of Ibadan (Nigeria): M.A., History 2003

University of Ibadan (Nigeria): B.A., Classics

Languages (1)

  • English

Media Appearances (3)

Nigerian Native, MSU Professor Offers New Way of Understanding Terrorism

KSMU  online


When the term “terrorism” appears almost daily on TV, radio, or news updates on our phones, the stories are associated with almost-routine violent acts. An assistant history professor at Missouri State University professor asks if what we know about terrorism is the only way to perceive it.

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What is dress and what does it say about culture?

Missouri State News  online


What is dress? Though many people think of clothing when they hear the term, dress is actually considered, at least by social historians, to be any addition or supplement to the human body. Dr. Bukola Oyeniyi, assistant professor of history, recently published a book focused on how our dress establishes our identity...

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Boko Haram: A Springfield Professor Speaks on How to “Tame the Monster”

KSMU  online


The presence of Boko Haram in Nigeria and surrounding countries may seem fairly new to Westerners, but the group’s founding dates back to 2002. An MSU history professor will lead a discussion Thursday entitled Boko Haram: Taming the Monster.

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Minds-Eye (1)

Eye to eye or eye for an eye

Dr. Oyeniyi has spent the last 10 years researching the roots of terrorism in West Africa. Looking at the Latin root “terrorem,” which means to instill great fear or dread, and “terrere,” which means to fill with fear or to frighten, he defined terrorism to include individual, group and state activities.

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Articles (8)

Leave no one to tell the tales: Pains and Recollections in Post-Conflict Reconciliation in Africa Social Science Research Council Working Papers


One voice, multiple tongues: dialoguing with Boko Haram Democracy and Security


Using “official” documents from the government and Boko Haram and other fundamentalist Islamic groups in Nigeria, this study examines the prognosis of the dialogue option between the Boko Haram fundamentalist Islamist group and the federal government of Nigeria. To ...

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Framing the Body, Fertility, and Sexuality in Yorubaland, Nigeria ASA 2014 Annual Meeting Paper


Policing the Naked Body, Fertility, and Sexuality in Yorubaland, Nigeria This paper interrogates how Yoruba people of western Nigeria have conceived and continue to conceive nudity, the sexual body, and patterns of deployment of sexual organs for non- ...

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Negotiating and Policing Sex and Sexuality in Africa: Cases of Yan Daudu and Karuwai in Northern Nigeria ASA 2014 Annual Meeting Paper


Drawing from two generally examples-Yan Daudu (gay) and Karuwai (prostitutes), this paper examines how the boundaries of sex and sexuality were policed in Kano City, Northern Nigeria. As these examples drawn from the City of Kano showed, gays (Yan ...

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Poverty Alleviation and Empowerment of Small-Scale Industries in Nigeria: The Case of Tie and Dye Makers Association African Journal of History and Culture


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Radios Don't Kill, People Do: Media, Post-Election Violence, and Democracy in Nigeria Ibadan Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies


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Dress in Nigeria's Nationalist Discourse Identity, Culture and Politics: An Afro-Asian Dialogue


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The Greed-Grievance Debate and the Ife-Modakeke Conflicts Social History


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