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Byron T. Embry - Closing Remarks. Colorado Springs, CO, US

Byron T. Embry Byron T. Embry

Leadership and Personal Development Consultant/Motivator | Closing Remarks

Colorado Springs, CO, UNITED STATES

" dynamic as they come" President Barack Obama





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Byron T. Embry is CEO and Founder of Closing Remarks, LLC, a premier leadership development and communications organization. Byron has used his 12 years of experience as a professional baseball player to establish himself as an international speaker. He is regarded by many to be one of the most dynamic speakers in the world relating to leadership, personal and professional development.

Byron’s unyielding desire is to implement practical concepts to individuals and organizations that enables them to utilize their strengths to cultivate a passion for success. One of the keys to his success is customizing his presentations to speak to the unique needs and culture of each organization. “He thoroughly researched our field and gave a riveting talk that impressed elite scientists and government officials alike,” says Thomas M. Lachocki, Ph.D. of The National Swimming Pool Foundation. His attention to detail and the understanding of the uniqueness of organizations is what sets Byron apart from traditional speakers.

As a “closer” during his baseball career, Byron learned early on that closers are generally the teams most dominate pitcher who is selected to pitch the last few outs of a game . . . when the game is on the line. Teams that win championships often have the most consistent closers. Byron has discovered that to be a champion in life is not much different - it takes passion, consistency and desire. “As a closer, you come in when the game is on the line," says Embry. "A closer makes certain that his team comes out ahead. Corporations, families and organizations do not need more leaders...they need more closers.”

See for yourself the impact Byron and Closing Remarks will have on your organization.

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Corporate Leadership


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Professional Training and Coaching

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Program Development

Religious Institutions


Areas of Expertise (3)

Leadership Assasination

Emotional Identity Theft


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Keynote Speaker (professional)

In 2009 Byron was a top finalist in the World Championship of Public Speaking.

Education (1)

Indian Hills College: AA, Meteorology/ Communications 1997

Event Appearances (8)

Mountain Top Mentality

Dr. King Day Celebration  Topeka, KS


Whistle That Changed America

  Richmond, KY


Newton's Law

Toastmaster of the Year Dinner  Denver, CO


Leadership Assassination

Toastmasters International Convention  Las Vegas


The Flag is Still There

4th of July   Colorado Springs, CO


Three Little Pig Syndrome

FCCLA Convention  St. Louis, MO


Midnight Hour

  Enid, OK


Identity Theft

  Albuquerque, NM


Sample Talks (2)

The Three Little Pig Syndrome

We live in a day that folks are often offended by competent leadership. It causes their ego breaks out in a rash. It causes their personal agenda break out in hives. And this allergic reaction they have toward accountability irritates them to the point that all they want to do is get rid of you. I call it Leadership Assassination!! When folks will talk about you, lie on so they can get rid of you. Leadership Assassination. In this presentation we will take a semi- exegetical approach to the story of the three little pigs to gain a unique perspective on who is after you, why they are after you and what you can do about it.


Byron takes an in depth look at the story of the Three Pigs as he examines the personality traits each pig and that of the wolf that comes to inflect harm. Byron will teach you and your audience how to identify and build a leadership structure with the "brick" you have been born with.



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