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C. Nataraj, PhD - Villanova University. Villanova, PA, US

C. Nataraj, PhD C. Nataraj, PhD

Professor of Mechanical Engineering | College of Engineering | Villanova University


C. Nataraj, PhD, is an expert in unmanned vehicles, robotics, and diagnostic healthcare systems.



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How engineers can help doctors save lives | C. Nataraj | TEDxVillanovaU Dynamic Systems: The Science of Machinery, Robots, Medical Diagnostics and Autonomy Interview with Dr



Areas of Expertise (6)

Prognostic Tools Engineering Drones Robotics Unmanned Vehicles Autonomous Vehicles


Dr. Nataraj is the Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Moritz, Sr. Endowed Chair position in Engineered Systems, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Director of the Villanova Center for Analytics of Dynamic Systems (VCADS) at Villanova College of Engineering. Unmanned vehicles and robotics is Dr. Nataraj's primary area of specialty. Dr. Nataraj serves as faculty adviser for the College of Engineering' s student team to compete in RobotX, an annual, selective international competition on autonomous surface vehicles, organized by the Office of Naval Research and the Association of Unmanned Vehicles International to foster and stimulate research in marine autonomy. Nataraj has received several grants from the Office of Naval Research to investigate the feasibility of developing and testing unmanned ocean vehicles.

Knowledgeable about prognostics, an engineering discipline that predicts the future condition of a component or system, he would be a good source for information on machinery maintenance and failure, as well as cutting-edge diagnostic healthcare systems.

Education (3)

Arizona State University: PhD

Arizona State University: MS

Indian Institute of Technology: BS

Select Accomplishments (3)

Villanova University Outstanding Faculty Research Award (professional)


Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Moritz, Sr. Endowed Chair in Systems Engineering (professional)


Dr. C. Nataraj Appointed to the Editorial Boards of Two Scholarly Journals (professional)

In recognition of his expertise and accomplishments in a number of key research areas, two prominent scholarly journals invited Dr. C. Nataraj, Professor and Chair of Mechanical Engineering, to join their editorial boards in December. As a member of the editorial board for the International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems and the Journal of Applied Nonlinear Dynamics, he joins dozens of highly-esteemed researchers from around the world.

Affiliations (2)

  • Elected Member of the Franklin Institute's Committee of the Sciences and the Arts
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Turbo Research Foundation

Select Media Appearances (2)

Doctors Work With Engineers to Improve Diagnoses

U.S. News & World Report  online


A partnership between engineers at Villanova University and doctors at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia underscores how data-driven approaches using physics, math and computer algorithms can help doctors better diagnose and predict medical conditions.

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A Villanova Team Takes Robotics on the Water

Philadelphia Inquirer  print


More than seven months after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the search for the plane is expected to resume in the Indian Ocean this month with crews trolling 23,000 square miles. Might the kernel of a better approach be found in a pond in Phoenixville? That is where Villanova University students are tinkering with a robotic boat, a two-pontoon craft equipped with a camera, a laser, and other electronics that let the boat locate obstacles and navigate on its own … The faculty advisor from Villanova is C. “Nat” Nataraj, a professor of mechanical engineering who has been working on the challenge of robotic boats for more than a decade.

A Villanova Team Takes Robotics on the Water

Research Grants (2)

Dr. C. Nataraj Awarded $625,124 Grant for Research on Nonlinear Systems

Office of Naval Research (ONR) $625,124


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Dr. C. Nataraj Awarded Funding to Study PVL in Infants

National Institutes of Health $1.9 Million


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Select Academic Articles (3)

Nonlinear analysis of energy harvesting systems with fractional order physical properties Nonlinear Dynamics

CA Kitio Kwuimy, G Litak, C Nataraj


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Performance of a piezoelectric energy harvester driven by air flow Applied Physics Letters

CA Kitio Kwuimy, G Litak, M Borowiec, C Nataraj


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Nonlinear modeling and analysis of a rolling element bearing with a clearance Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation

Karthik Kappaganthu, C Nataraj


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