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Camille Thomas - Southern Utah University. Cedar City, UT, US

Camille Thomas Camille Thomas

Professor of Kinesiology and Outdoor Recreation | Southern Utah University


Specializing in coaching psychology, exercise prescription and the pathophysiology of cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes.


Dr. Camille Thomas is a professor of kinesiology and outdoor recreation at Southern Utah University.

Dr. Thomas specializes in disease prevention, coaching psychology, exercise prescription and the pathophysiology of cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes. She also teaches skills for coaching, soccer, racquetball, volleyball, weight training, swimming, cycling, and basketball.

Soccer, however, is her real passion. One of her most time-consuming projects yet is an ongoing analysis of the past two World Cup competitions to discover successful strategies.

Dr. Thomas earned a bachelor's degree and a Ph.D. in physical education from Brigham Young University, and a master's degree in physical education from Northern Illinois University.






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Industry Expertise (4)

Writing and Editing



Sport - Amateur

Areas of Expertise (15)

Biomechanics of Exercise

Methods of Sports Conditioning and Nutrition

Psychological Aspects of Sports Performance & Conditioning

Sport Specific Conditioning

Coping Strategies


Cardiovascular Disease

Exercise Prescription

Disease Prevention

Coaching Psychology

Pathophysiology of Cancer

Coaching Theory

Physical Education


Advanced Techniques of Sports Conditioning

Education (3)

Brigham Young University: Ph.D., Physical Education

Northern Illinois University: M.A., Physical Education

Brigham Young University: B.A., Physical Education

Affiliations (3)

  • American College of Sports Medicine​
  • Society of Health and Physical Educators
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association

Media Appearances (1)

5 Tips To Avoid The ‘Freshman 15’

FOX 13  online


The college scene may be overwhelming to a new freshman. Juggling school, friends, work responsibilities, and school activities, is a stretch. In the rush to join college life, some students forget exercise, sleep and healthy eating. Here are a few tips on how to avoid the dreaded freshman 15.

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Articles (2)

Skill Importance in Women’s Soccer

Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports

Soccer analytics often follow one of two approaches: 1) regression models on number of shots taken or goals scored to predict match winners, or 2) spatial and/or temporal analysis of plays for evaluation of strategy. We propose a new model to evaluate skill importance in soccer. Play by play data were collected on 22 NCAA Division I Women’s Soccer matches with a new skill notation system. Using a ...

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Development of a Notational Analysis System for Selected Soccer Skills of a Women's College Team

Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science

The purposes of this study were to develop a notational system to evaluate passing, dribbling, first touch, and individual defensive skills as they relate to success during women's soccer games and to develop a statistical model to weigh the importance of each skill on creating scoring opportunities. Sequences of skills in ten games of a National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I intercollegiate ...

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Courses (14)

PE 1098 Wellness Dynamics

The assessment and promotion of healthy lifestyles will be the primary focus. Behavior change concepts and strategies as well as how to evaluate health and fitness claims as a consumer in society will also be addressed.

PE 1145 Bowling

A bowling class taught at the Bowling Alley.

PE 3060 Sport & Exercise Biomechanics

Designed to study the science of human movement. It includes study of the structure of the human body in terms of its use in activity. A mechanical analyze of a variety of activities is developed, i.e., physical education and coaching.

PE 3065 Sports & Exercise Biomechanics Lab

Lab to accompany PE 3060 - Biomechanics. This laboratory provides hands-on experience quantifying and analyzing human motion from a biomechanics perspective.

PE 4010 Methods of Sports Conditioning and Nutrition

This course will introduce students to various physical conditioning methods utilized in sport training including plyometrics, Olympic weight lifting, speed/power training, and advanced exercise prescription.

PE 4020 Research Methods and Statistics in Exercise Science

This course is an introduction to research and statistics in exercise science. Research ethics, basic research design, and statistics will be discussed.

PE 4030 Clinical Applications of Exercise Science

This course will address the theoretical basis for, and practical applications of, exercise testing and prescription for diseased and special populations.

PE 4040 Exercise Testing and Prescription

This course will address the theoretical basis for, and practical applications of exercise testing and prescription for healthy populations.

PE 4800 Studies in Exercise Sciences

Review and exploration of contemporary research and issues in exercise and sport sciences for junior- and senior-level students.

PE 4860 Physical Education Practicum

This course is designed to give prospective teachers and coaches experience in serving as student assistant coaches, or student assistant athletic trainers, or other available opportunities.

PE 4890 Internship

Physical Education Internship.

PE 6010 Advanced Techniques of Sports Conditioning

Intensive course detailing techniques for conditioning athletes of various ages and training backgrounds.

PE 6070 Psychological Aspects of Sports Performance & Conditioning

This course addresses the latest advances in exercise and sport psychology including motivation, concentration, overcoming mental fatigue, and stress management for athletes.

PE 6933 Thesis: MSC Sport Conditioning

Student develops and defends a Master's of Sports Conditioning/Performance Thesis.