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Candice Kirkbride - Candice Kirkbride- Motivational Speaker. Sudbury, ON, CA

Candice Kirkbride Candice Kirkbride

Candice Kirkbride- Motivational Speaker

Sudbury, ON, CANADA

Love Life Because Life Loves You



Kirkbride suffered a severe brain injury and has little short-term memory. She is
blind in one eye and has some paralysis. “I had to learn how to eat and walk and
live all over again. I had to rebuild my life...I had to learn that life was never going
to be the same,” says Kirkbride. Candice endured months of physical therapy,
speech therapy and emotional healing. Kirkbride is a pretty woman whose face, at
first glance, betrays no sign of her injuries although she had facial fractures and a
depressed skull. Her long hair hides a huge scar around the top of her head. “They
put Humpty-Dumpty back together again,” she says with an infectious smile. Her
sense of humor allows her to laugh at the things in life she cannot change. About
four years after the accident, Kirkbride, with the encouragement of her friends,
decided it was time to confront the young driver who severely injured her and killed
her friend.

“I forgave him. That opened so many doors (for me).
I became happy. I was no longer resentful,” she says.

Since her long road to recovery, she has shared several key messages from her
story with youths and adults in the community both to warn them about the deadly
consequences of drinking and driving and the opportunities to live life to the fullest
with whatever life you have. “I often ask groups of young people….what if the next
time you blink your eyes that your life has changed completely forever……what
would you do? How would you handle it?”

Candice makes a significant impact on youths and adults alike with her witty and
charming stories that deliver a strong impact where it counts, in her audiences’

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Making the Smart Choice

Love Life Because Life Loves You

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Young Leader award (professional)

For my Leadership and vision as a Young Leader from the Community Builders Awards of Excellence

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Cambrian College: diploma, general 2010

General Arts and Sciences diploma

Testimonials (2)

Sgt. Richard Witty, Detachment Commander | O.P.P

"I had the opportunity to see Candice speak at a conference. Her down to earth story and the humor she involved made me feel very strongly that the young people in our communities needed to hear her message. I arranged a tour through the area and she was very well received. Requests have been made to have her back in the future. Thank you Candice."

Al Boyd, Constable | O.P.P

" As a Community Services Officer with the OPP for over a decade I have strived to get the message about the dangers of alcohol and making poor decisions. Today I had the pleasure to have Candice Kirkbride attend our high school and speak to our graduating class. Candice's message was riveting, personal and hit home to many on how your life can change in an instant. An auditorium full of teenagers you could hear a pin drop as Candice delivered her message. I know many youth will think twice on choices because of what Candice shared."



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