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Candis Bond, PhD - Augusta University. Augusta, GA, US

Candis Bond, PhD

Director, Writing Center; Assistant Professor of English | Augusta University


Professor Bond is an expert in Writing Center Theory and Practice, Composition and Women's and Gender Studies.






Augusta University Writing Center Chatting about AI in Higher Ed with Drs. Bond and Garner



Dr. Candis Bond earned her MA and PhD in English from Saint Louis University, where she studied British Modernism. She completed her BA at Loyola University in Chicago, where she majored in English and Creative Writing. During graduate school, Dr. Bond worked in three St. Louis area writing centers, which led her to pursue writing center consulting as a career.

At Augusta University, Dr. Bond serves as the director of the writing center and teaches courses in Writing Center Theory and Practice, Composition, and Women's and Gender Studies. She loves working with students in all disciplines, but has particular expertise in scientific writing, writing in the health sciences, and providing graduate-level writing support. Dr. Bond is happy to assist students on any project at any stage in the process, but she especially enjoys working with graduate students on longer-term assignments such as capstones, theses, and dissertations.

Areas of Expertise (2)

Identity Construction

Intersection of space and place (perceptions of women in public space)

Media Appearances (5)

Using Artificial Intelligence in education

WRDW  tv


Using artificial intelligence in education.

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Using Artificial Intelligence in education

WRDW  tv


Using Artificial Intelligence in education at Augusta University

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Featured Writing Center: Augusta University



Augusta University's writing center has changed in some exciting ways since I last worked there in 2012. When I learned that AU had created a satellite campus at AU's Health Sciences campus, I had to get in touch with Dr. Candis Bond about featuring the center on the Axis blog. Dr. Bond has graciously agreed to share about her experience directing the center and tell us about the center itself. If you're interested in having your writing center featured on the Axis blog, please contact us at praxisuwc@gmail.com.

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First look at Augusta University’s Center for Writing Excellence

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Augusta University’s Center for Writing Excellence has a grand opening Wednesday. The new space is about twice the size of the old center. They serve all Augusta University students, faculty, and staff and hope to start serving the community again. Whether it’s a paper in class, a speech, a job interview, presentation, the center works to meet that need. Leaders say this new space will allow them to help more people in more ways.

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JENNIE: Artificial Intelligence and its uses in education, the media, and more

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Candis Bond and James Garner from the Center for Writing Excellence at Augusta University.

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Articles (5)

Homeless near a thousand homes": Property and female identity in lyrical ballads


Bond, C.


An examination of property and female identity in lyrical ballads.

Catcalling and the College Classroom: A Model for Teaching Students about Street Harassment

Feminist Teacher

Candis Bond

An exploration of ways to teach college students about street harassment.

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Remapping Female Subjectivity in Mrs. Dalloway: Scenic Memory And Woolf’s “Bye-Street” Aesthetic

Woolf Studies Annual

Candis Bond

An exploration of scenic memory through the lens of Virginia Woolf's "Mrs. Dalloway."

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Embodied Love: D. H. Lawrence, Modernity, and Pregnancy

D.H. Lawrence Review

Candis Bond

This article discusses D.H. Lawrence's depictions of pregnancy in The Rainbow, Women in Love, and Lady Chatterley's Lover. I connect Lawrence's representations to the author's self-professed theories of subjectivity and embodiment, as well as to wider cultural contexts such as procreation, childbirth, and the reproductive rights movement.

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Preparing Professional Writing Center Staff to Work with STEM Populations: A Training Model


Candis Bond, James Garner


In this article, we describe a two-day, intensive STEM training that we piloted in summer of 2022 to prepare newly hired professional staff to support STEM writers. The training was created by the director and associate director and was offered to two professional consultants and two graduate assistant consultants in-person over a two-day period before the start of the fall semester. Staff training should always be responsive to local contexts, and we are aware our model may not transfer to other university settings. However, we do hope that our pilot offers a model that other universities can adapt to meet local needs and implement when training professional and graduate staff. Although we focus on professional staff, our model may also be useful for supplementing a generalist approach to training graduate and undergraduate peer tutors who work closely with STEM writers or as a primary form of training for embedded consultants working within STEM courses. As we discuss our model, we turn to writing in the disciplines scholarship to explain our choices and ground our pedagogy. We also turn to research on tutor training and writing center staff professional development. As we describe our training activities, we also identify areas for improvement based on our own perspective and that of our professional and graduate staff attendees.

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