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Cari De La Cruz Cari De La Cruz

Principle | Bariatric After Life


Engaging speaker who lives to inspire, motivate and educate obese and formerly obese people.

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Health and Wellness

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Obesity: Compassion Does Not Mean Acceptance

Life After Weight Loss Surgery: Regain Control of Your Life

Food Addiction After Weight Loss Surgery

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Color Me Fabulous: Finding My True Colors

In this talk, I used my history with crayons to explain how people in my life unwittingly stripped me of my colors by "correcting" or "educating" me away from those that I loved. They encouraged me to "fit in," or "color inside the lines," rather than celebrate my authentic self. In this interactive presentation, I used crayons, coloring books and a dynamic Power Point presentation to teach the audience how to find and embrace their own true colors, thereby finding their authentic selves.