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Carina Burns



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I am an author, who lives in northern California with my husband and three teenage sons. Born in Germany, I emigrated to America with my family at a young age. Though an American citizen since the age of four, I have 20 plus years of experience living throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East, in such countries as, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia. I enjoy all aspects of foreign cultures, including exotic cuisines, cultural history and language. I am proficient in French and well-versed in German and Dutch. In addition to having lived and attended Parent’s Cooperative School (PCS) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from 1968 to 1975 and traveled in and around the country, it has truly been educational.

Through the power of identity, and drawing on my entire life story, I inspire others to be proud of who they are, to live in authenticity and make peace with the past, be in the present and move forward with love and optimism into the future. I pursue the value and love of our inherent cultures, teaching people how that plays such a role in who they are. As well as by embracing and enjoying those cultures, we move closer to one another.

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Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School: Associates, Business Administration 1981

OBJECTIVE Contributing writing, editing and communication skills allowing me to build upon a passion to write and to meet people of diverse nationalities; thriving to help promote "appreciation of inherent cultures". LANGUAGES: Fluent in French, Knowledge of German and Dutch