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Carl Rosier-Jones is an experienced Police officer. He has been on the front line for 14 years and experienced his fair share of stress. He has seen many highs in his career however they are dwarfed by the even higher number of low's. Dealing with parts of society that many people never get to meet he has been allowed access to types of human behaviour that many get people never knew existed.

From his work he has been able to carry out his most favourite of past times, 'People watching.' He has formed many theories as to why people act as they do and has used these theories in his career many times, seeing great results.

When he perfected his people skills, he was able to identify and speak to people by building rapport using his understanding of their personality traits.

Carl then linked his understanding of people to another favourite study of his "Stress." They came together so well, he thought that more needed to be done on the entire subject of stress. Then after the public sector started to go through one of our Governments largest change, a level of change that had never been seen before, it was obvious that this was another massive area of stress missing from his understanding of stress.

Carl combined his understanding of stress, people and change to form a solid theory which he wanted to share. He has designed a way in which he can deliver his theory by turning it into a talk. He delivers the message in a light hearted talk but it has meaning and impact on the listeners.

His Caveman talk has a real punch, with information and tools people can take away and start to use instantly. His message is that People can reduce stress, Communicate better and Ride the wave of change with little or no resistance... If they can understand 'Stress.'

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Public Relations and Communications Business Services Law Enforcement

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Stress and Stress Management Speaker Caveman Change Communication Change & Uncertainty Colour Psychology in Business Branding Colour Psychology in Personal Branding

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Chippenham College: 1994

Sheldon School, Chippenham: 1992

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  • English

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Maggie Robinson, Business consultant | Smart Thinking Consultancy

I was lucky enough to hear Carl speak at Talk Tuesday business networking. It was extremely interesting to hear his views on people and how they interact with one another. I am looking forward to the book coming out and would recommend his talks to both companies and individuals.



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