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Carlos Sánchez Carlos Sánchez

Environmental specialist | BCNecologia (Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona)

Sant Vicenç dels Horts, Barcelona, SPAIN

Environmental Scientist



I am an Environmental Consultant (with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science), specialized on water issues by University of Barcelona (2005-2011). Looking for a position in Water Management with more focus on urban planning and consumption, law and indicators. Computer-expert user, with extensive and easily adaptable software skills, specially, Office, GIS, CMS and others. My science degree and my personal skills gave me great results in analytical and research tasks, already proven at work (in the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona). Interested in open source such as Openstreetmap where I contribute by digitalizing my city and the public transport system in the Barcelona’s region.

Industry Expertise (1)

Environmental Services

Education (1)

University of Barcelona: Environmental Science 2011