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Carole Disseldorp - Easier Parenting. Melbourne Area, Australia, Victoria, AU

Carole Disseldorp

Parent Educator/Parenting Counsellor | Easier Parenting

Melbourne Area, Australia, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

Parent Educator/Parenting Counsellor at Easier Parenting





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Teaching children and infants
Teaching parenting skills to adults

To support parents/carers to guide their children's behaviour more positively, easily and effectively.

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Parenting Principles

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Parenting Book: Easier Parenting: 8 vital principles to guide children's behaviour successfully (professional)

This book outlines the basic principles needed for enjoyable and effective parenting, which focus on preventing problems, using encouragement, preparation, communication and teaching skills. Modelling healthy behaviour, giving responsibility, and arranging stimulating activities are of equal importance. If we want to raise happy, confident, caring, self-discipl, independ, stable, well-mannered, respons, competent + successful people, we need to educate ourselves on the best way to achieve this

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Swinburne University of Technology: Parent Education

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  • ASCA
  • Toastmasters

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Char Paul, Tutor:Mentor for the Psycho-Social, Health and Biz Student | PSI Tutor: Mentor

“Wonderful teacher and networker, sharing insights on positive parenting to enable others to find support online as well as offline.”

Bill Corbett, Parent Educator | Co-operative Kids

“Carole has an amazing ability to reach out and help parents with the most difficult job they will ever have; raising the next generation.”

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8 Vital Parenting Principles to Guide your Children's Behaviour Successfully

Wesley Mission Kinship Program - monthy program  Dandenong


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8 Vital Parenting Principles to Guide your Children's Behaviour Successfully

Setting a Healthy Example Promoting and Practising Positivity Communicating Effectively Teaching Rules and Preventing Problems Practising Self-care (Parents and Children) Nurturing All Family Members Disciplining Respectfully Providing Stimulating Activities for All


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