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Carolyn McGregor, PhD - University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Oshawa, ON, CA

Carolyn McGregor, PhD Carolyn McGregor, PhD

Professor, Faculty of Business and Information Technology, and two-time Canada Research Chair in Health Informatics | University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Oshawa, ON, CANADA

International leading researcher in the area of critical care health informatics, specifically neonatal health informatics






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What if you could take years of data mining expertise in the financial services and retail industry and apply it to saving babies? That’s exactly what Carolyn McGregor, PhD, did when she left a career at one of Australia’s top banks to lead the research and development of a new data analytics platform in the neonatal care department at the University of Western Sydney.

Today, as Canada Research Chair in Health Informatics, Dr. McGregor’s research is pioneering new ways for neonatal health experts to monitor and care for their patients. Collecting vast amounts of patient data including heart and respiratory rates, Dr. McGregor’s approach to data management means 24-hour monitoring capabilities that can capture even the slightest abnormalities.

From a young age, Dr. McGregor’s fascination with numbers and eventual pursuit of a computer science degree, led her to recognize the secret to managing ‘Big Data’ was building the right infrastructure.

The system Dr. McGregor and her research team developed produces over 1,200 points of data per second. Multiply that with a growing database of patients, and it’s easy to see the incredible volume and wealth of insight now readily available.

In addition to providing real-time monitoring tools, Dr. McGregor’s research is also changing the way doctors are educated. With an expanding database of patients with varying conditions, Dr. McGregor’s research makes it possible for doctors to dive deeply into specific aliments and make connection to insights that were previously unavailable.

In addition to the impact Dr. McGregor’s research is having on the health care of premature babies, other intensive care departments are recognizing the profound impact data management can have, particularly where real-time, continuous monitoring is critical to patient care.

Internationally recognized as a thought leader in data management, Dr. McGregor’s expertise is being sought beyond the medical community. She was approached by the Canadian Space Agency to apply her learning to monitoring the heart rates of astronauts participating in the planned mission to Mars.

Industry Expertise (10)

Women Publishing Think Tanks Information Technology and Services Writing and Editing Health Care - Services Health and Wellness Mental Health Care Research IT Services/Consulting

Areas of Expertise (11)

Health Informatics Women in Computing and It Patient Journey Modelling Cloud Computing in Health Care Neonatal Health Informatics Critical Care Health Informatics Temporal Data Mining Stream Computing Intelligent Clinical Decision Support Systems Service Computing in Health Care Data Science

Accomplishments (5)

2015 Advance Global Australian Award (professional)


Recipient of the 2015 Advance Global Australian Award for Technology Innovation, Australian-born Dr. McGregor is recognized for making remarkable contributions to her field while living abroad.

IBM Centenary Video (professional)


Selected as one of only four people who were featured in the video as significant innovators of the century of IBM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksQrJh7s7N0

Ingenious Award by the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) for the not-for-profit category (professional)


Artemis project awarded the Ingenious award

UOIT Research Excellence Award (professional)


Awarded UOIT Research Excellence Award – Early Stage Researcher

The Chancellors Award for PhD Dissertation (professional)


Finalist for the Chancellors Award for PhD Dissertation

Education (2)

University of Technology, Sydney: B. App.Sc , Computer Science 1991

(Comp, Sc,1st Hons)
Graduated 2nd in year.

University of Technology, Sydney: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) , Computer Science 2003

Finalist, The Chancellors Award for PhD Dissertation

Affiliations (4)

  • University of Technology, Sydney
  • Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Services and Providence Care
  • University of Ontario Institute of Technology
  • The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

Media Appearances (9)

UOIT-led Artemis Project gets support from TD Bank fundraiser

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For the fourth straight year, the pioneering research work of Dr. Carolyn McGregor at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) has received a significant boost through a donation by TD Bank.

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Research Grants (10)

Big Data Analytics for Stimulation and Response Models in Gaming and Virtual Training Simulations

NSERC Engage $25,000


McGregor, C

The Artemis Project IV

Sick Kids Foundation $150,000


James, A., McGregor, C.

Online Health Analytics through Cloud Computing for Improved Critical Care

Southern Ontario Smart Computing Innovation Platform (SOSCIP) Consortium $120,000


McGregor, C.

The Artemis Project III

Sick Kids Foundation $166,000


James, A., McGregor, C.

Artemis Clinical Decision Support System

Ontario Centres of Excellence, Market Readiness 2B $123,916


McGregor, C., Dulhanty, A, Eklund, M

Canada Research Chair in Health Informatics - Renewal

Canada Research Chairs Program, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) $500,000


McGregor, C.

Improving Neonatal Care through Real Time Analysis

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Operating Grant competition  $315,186


McGregor, C., James, A

Artemis: The Business

Ontario Centres of Excellence, Market Readiness 2A  $50,000


McGregor, C., Dulhanty, A

The Artemis Project II

Sick Kids Foundation $150,000


James, A., McGregor, C

CIHR NSFC Team in Neonatal Clinical Decision Support

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Other: China Canada Grant competition $150,000


McGregor, C., James, A., Lee, S.