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Are the decisions that I am taking the right decisions to get me to where I want to go?

Your answer to this question will have a direct impact on the success that you are experiencing in life. Caspar Berry, a professional motivational and keynote speaker, is passionate about helping audiences to answer this question, and teaching them how to use the discovery to propel themselves to higher levels of success. Each of Caspar's presentations are uplifting, funny, thought-provoking and stimulating. Audiences love the entertainment, and walk away with new ideas that they can use to improve their lives. His key messages revolve around the need to embrace uncertainty and take calculated risks in order to get the edge and achieve success. These messages are timeless and can be applied to any industry, making them perfect for any training day or conference. He is a catalyst for change and his famously upbeat, energetic style is always inspirational.

Caspar, 40, started his career while still a teenager as the lead in one of BBC1's flagship television programs of the 1990s. He went on to be a prolific theatre director at Cambridge University and by the time he was 23, Caspar was writing for Miramax and Columbia Tri Star. Then at 25, he took the decision that would dramatically change his life: he moved to Las Vegas and became a professional poker player! Caspar played poker professionally for most of the next 3 years of his life in Las Vegas, during which time he made a good living pitting his wits against some of the game's best known players. It was in this period that he also learned many of the key messages that he now imparts to businesses around the world today.
In 2002, Caspar returned to the U.K., co-founding Twenty First Century Media and building it into the fastest growing audio visual media company in the North East of England before selling it in 2008 to Bob Geldof's media giant, Ten Alps. It was while still at the helm of Twenty First Century Media that he began his career as a speaker and catalyst for new thinking within business about risk-taking and decision-making using his experience as a poker player to explain how we all make decisions in our personal and professional lives.

For the last 10 years, Caspar has been a professional motivational and keynote speaker during which time he has delivered over 1,500 speeches for over 300 great companies in Europe, America and Asia including KPMG, Google, FCm, BT, Deutsche Bank, AON, BA and HP.

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Investment Management

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Motivational Speaking

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Accomplishments (3)

Fellow of the British-American Project (professional)

Awarded a highly competetive Fellowship of BAP, an organization that brings together leaders in a wide range of fields for free exchange of ideas.

Poker Advisor on Casino Royale (professional)


I was the poker advisor, along with Tom Sambrook, for the James Bond film Casino Royale

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (professional)


Awarded prestigious Fellowship of the RSA by invitation, in recognition of my entrepreneurship and contribution to positive social change by encouraging leadership and innovation.

Education (1)

Cambridge University: Economics 1996

I went up to Cambridge in 1992 to study economics but changed to Anthropology before graduating, thus giving me a great understanding of two very different disciplines and academic approaches.

Testimonials (23)

Wayne Handley , General Manager | Apogee Financial Planning

“Thank you so much for your outstanding presentation at the conference in Singapore, it was compelling and exactly as we discussed, the feedback from our delegates has been first class. Indeed the whole conference was a resounding success for us and you added so significantly to that, so thanks.”

Simon Rubin, Managing Director | First Data UK

“Thank you for your involvement in our recent customer conference. You really did steal the show. The buzz around the session during and after was really great and I can see it will be a conversation piece for many months to come.”

Keith Southwell, General Manager | Alarm - The Public Risk Managers Association

“The main feedback from our delegates was that Caspar was the best speaker of the entire event! We would certainly use him again.”

John Paskin, , Former Head of Programmes, Integration Supply & Trading | BP

“I have retained and understood far more about risk management from Caspar than from any other presentation or training session I have attended.”

Lisa Higgins, Founding Partner | WeDo Marketing

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say a thank you for last night’s event. The event went really, really well. Caspar was fab and the feedback was excellent - scoring 5 out 5 on all the feedback forms! Middlesbrough Council were delighted. Have a great weekend and once again 'big thanks' for making the event such a success! It really was a pleasure working with you.”

Lawrence Watson, Head of Sales & Marketing | Rank Hovis

“I believe that you make people think, and that is a brilliant skill.”

Avi Bradman, Chairman | Goodman Masson

“We used Caspar Berry as the main act of our annual conference. The day needed to be fun, worthwhile and have a clear business relevance – not an easy mix. Caspar made the day a complete success, his talk was thoughtful, fun, relevant to what we do and from feedback I received clearly the event was superbly organized and ensured that the day’s events ended on high.”

Jonathan Walsh, Corporate Marketing and Communication Director | Nestle

“Brilliant, intelligent messages delivered with passion and knowledge. The best talk from an outside speaker I have ever seen.”

Simon Rubin, Managing Director | First Data UK

“Thank you for your involvement in our recent customer conference. You really did steal the show. The buzz around the session during and after was really great and I can see it will be a conversation piece for many months to come.”

Geoff Iddison, CEO | Paypal UK

“A really fun and relevant afternoon which looks at business in a very different way. Caspar, your session was fantastic and the highlight of the day. Well done. The PayPal team is still talking about it”.

Duncan Hay, Director of Indirect Sales | Orange UK

“Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you what a great job Caspar did yesterday at the Orange retailer meeting at the Science Museum. His professionalism, attention to detail and thoroughly cheerful personality was fabulous and extremely refreshing. He really did make a most valuable contribution to the day and certainly gave the event a big lift. The audiences were absolutely engaged throughout - in short, he is on the best speakers I have seen and I would definitely look to using him again at a future event.”

Sian Evans, , Organisational Effectiveness Director | British Airports Authority

“I have worked with Caspar now for over 3 years and during that time he has delivered both a range of inspirational sessions at conferences, raising people’s awareness around risk taking, and unleashing their creativity in the corporate world. His sessions are great fun, thought provoking and totally interactive, and people come away inspired having thoroughly enjoyed the experience. He delivers his sessions with great professionalism, humour and clearly is a content expert, and with his Las Vegas background, he certainly brings a creative flair to his stories which generate great curiosity. He is definitely someone I would strongly recommend and will continue to work with.”

Darren Blackhurst, Chief Merchandising Officer | ASDA

"Caspar's presentation stimulated a great deal of very productive discussion about all our attitudes to risk taking and really helped crystallise some of the critical decisions we need to make across the business. It helped us understand each other as individuals and will be talked about and referenced for a long time to come. We would highly recommend it to any executive team in business."

Tim Andersen, Chairman Academy Group 15 | Academy of Chief Executives

“Your presentation yesterday was excellent. You have a high level of expertise in the 'science' of decision making, and even in the three hour session you did for us you changed the way many of them will make key decisions in the future; and most are already skilled decision makers.”

Mike Wilsher, Managing Director | The Executive Foundation

“An extraordinarily powerful message for leaders. It’s credible, relevant and demands immediate attention from leaders who, by being too scared to fail in the short term, risk their long term success.”

Robert Allan, Online Marketing Director | Ladbrokes Poker

“Caspar is excellent. A pure professional, his knowledge of the mechanics and skills needed for an individual to know how they should be playing poker is amazing. He doesn't teach you about poker, so much as he teaches you about yourself. He communicates to you on your level and takes you through and above your level to a higher platform of work and play.”

Sian Doyle, Director of Retail | Orange

"Caspar is an inspirational speaker but does it with content and delivery that captures the imagination and challenges the audience to really think in a different way. His delivery is interactive, entertaining and very thought provoking and is fantastic for delivering a great session with a difference."

Bill Lucas, Chairman | The Talent Foundation

“Caspar makes you think and laugh, feel and create, and, most importantly work out how you might apply what you have learned in your own life. Great value and delivered with all the skill of an accomplished actor and story-teller.”

Graham Bowland, Managing Director | Surgical Innovations Plc

“A genuinely staggering session”

Gerry Tominey, Chief Procurement Officer | Associated British Foods

“Caspar skilfully delivered a fast paced, humorous yet insightful presentation on people’s attitude and approach to risk taking. This became one of the talking points at many tables over dinner, after which he ran a hugely entertaining participative team competition, picking up on many of the themes covered in the earlier presentation and rounding off the evening extremely well. Caspar adopts a very professional approach to what he does and was flexible and accommodating on the day in response to some changing requirements."

Kevin White, HR Director General | Home Office

“Risk is a really important issue for the Home Office and it was refreshing and I think very effective to have a discussion of how we increase our appetite for, and effectiveness in managing risk with such good humour. Your mixture of personal anecdotes, real life examples created an excellent learning opportunity. The feedback we received has been uniformly excellent. Learning can be fun!”

Stephen Harvard Davis, Events Committee | Institute of Directors, Hertfordshire

“Our audience of Company Directors and decision makers are used to hearing some of the best speakers on the circuit but the comments after Caspar Berry's talk were of universal praise with many members telling me that Caspar was, ‘most definitely the best speaker this year’. A superb job and I can't thank you enough, my problem now is how to find future speakers to match it!"

Derek Mills, Senior Partner | St James’ Place Wealth Management

“Caspar spoke at a senior partners event for St James’ Place wealth management. He was outstanding and taught me strategies that allowed me to win! The learnings and experience will stay with me forever.”

Event Appearances (32)

Lucky in Business... Lucky in Life

Roche High Performance Teams Rewards programme  Cannes, France

Dealing with Uncertainty in Poker, Business and Life

E.ON Global Sales Day  Paris, France

Risk Taking and Decision Making

Association of Events Organisers Annual Conference  London, England

Risk Taking and Decision Making

MLC Annual Conference  Singapore

Judgement, Intuition and Expertise

Experian National Sales Conference  London, England

Innovation and Adaptation

North American Marketing Conference, Castrol  New Jersey, USA

Innovation and Adapatation

Google Marketing Team  London, England

Risk Taking and Decision Making

Association of University Technology Managers Annual Conference  Las Vegas, USA

Risk Taking and Decision Making

Flame Gas and LNG Conference  Amsterdam, Holland

Dealing with Uncertainty in Poker, Business and Life

Visa Bank Card Business School Experience  Cambridge, England

Dealing with Uncertainty in Poker, Business and Life

COSMOTE Business Continuity Department Events  Athens, Greece

Lucky in Business... Lucky in Life

Institute of Directors "Herty Breakfast"  St Albans, England

Risk Taking and Decision Making

Ashridge Fast Track Management Training Programme - numerous events  Ashridge, England

Risk Taking and Decision Making

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Asia Conference  Macau, China

Lucky in Business... Lucky in Life

Alarm - The Public Sector Risk Managers Association - Annual Conference  Southport. England

Innovation and Adapation

BAA Training Day  London, England

Risk Taking and Decision Making

Meritum Financial Group Annual Conference  Buenos Aries, Argentina

Risk Taking and Decision Making

Ogilvy Annual Conference  New York, USA

Lucky in Business... Lucky in Life

MFAA National Convention  Brisbane, Australia

A Chaotic World - How to Change and Why We Must!

Visa Bank Business Card School  Cambridge


Play To Win

Procter & Gamble Customer Business Development Conference  Essex, UK


Risk Taking & Decision Making in Poker, Business and Life

Serco Getting The Edge Event  Twickenham Stadium


Risk Taking & Decision Making

Abacus & Sabre Corporate Travel Leaders’ Forum  Macau


Risk Taking & Decision Making

Abacus Asia Online Travel Leaders’ Retreat  Shanghai, China


Getting The Edge

FCm Focus hosted by FCm Travel Solutions  The Venetian Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV, USA


Risk Taking & Innovating

Sabre Holdings Executive Forum  Budapest, Hungary


Playing to win – risk taking and innovation in business

Aon Risk Symposium  London, UK


Risk Taking and Decision Making

Cassidian Summer Academy  Goldegg, Austria


Butterflies & Black Swans: Embracing Uncertainty in Poker, Business and Life

Kraton Dinner & Poker Event  Hugenpoet Castle, Dusseldorf, Germany


Lucky in Business, Lucky in Life

Hiscox Annual Brokers' Dinner  Orlando, Florida, USA


Risk Taking & Decision Making in Business & Life

2013 EIBTM Global Meetings & Event Expo  Barcelona, Spain


Risk Taking & Decision Making

AIA Asia Bancassurance Conference  Singapore


Sample Talks (5)

Risk Taking and Decision Making

In this speech I challenge people to evaluate whether the decisions they are taking the right decisions to get them to where they want to get to. How are they making these decisions, and can they make better ones that embrace more - or less - risk? My final objective is to give participants a wholly original and empowering method for using our own natural risk aversion as a motivational tool that can be used to drive ourselves or others to achieve better long term results in ANYTHING we do!

Lucky in Business... Lucky in Life

Understanding what luck is and how it works creates a powerful and effective message about how we approach life, and how lucky we all really are. Referencing a very broad range of subject areas – from the lottery to the holocaust – this speech uses the central metaphor of poker to motivate people to change the focus of their thinking away from that which is disempowering towards that which is positive, proactive and powerful. Take the gamble out of your business & develop the habits of a winner.

Judgement, Intuition and Expertise

The interesting thing about decision making is simply that we all do it, every day - experts and novices alike. Everyone is exercising judgement all the time; good and bad! I use this speech to demonstrate just how powerful & important our intuition is in the moment of judgement before applying that concept to all other areas of life. It references Malcolm Gladwell’s "Blink" but takes the principles further by placing “judgement” into the context of the decision making process as a whole.

Dealing with Uncertainty in Poker, Business and Life

This speech identifies the source of uncertainty in the universe before looking at its effect on us all - economically, psychologically and culturally. It takes the audience on a journey through Black Swans and fractal mathematics before concluding that a certain world would be a boring one! It is the way in which we rise to the challenge of the unknown and embrace risk that defines who we are. The perfect speech for anyone who wants to feel more confident in these apparently uncertain times.

Innovation and Adaptation

What does it take to innovate successfully? Literally hundreds of failures along the way. Using the metaphor of Darwinian evolution, I show that most brilliant systems of innovation and adaptability fail millions of times in order to survive and how, in a world of continual change, the companies who embrace this philosophy will be best placed to come through the uncertainty ahead.



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