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Catherine Phillips

Founder and consultant | The Mindfulness

Edmonton, AB, CANADA

Experienced, dynamic speaker able to engage large audiences through interweaving direct personal experience of mindfulness meditation into t

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Health and Wellness

Professional Training and Coaching

Mental Health Care

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Mindfulness and Pychotherapy

Bringing Mindfulness to Teachers and Children in Classrooms

Mindfulness and Communication

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Mindfulness Meditation: Inside the workplace and out

This workshop is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. The "what, why, when, where and how's" of mindfulness practice and applications are explored. Foundational mindfulness exercises interwoven throughout the workshop form the basis of participants gaining a direct, personal experience of mindfulness practice. A brief review of emerging neuroscientific studies,and discussion of proposed mechanisms of action explore the potential benefits of mindfulness practice. Research on a breadth of applications in a variety of settings is reviewed, with a focus on applications to the audience's setting. The "how's" of practice, both formal, and through informal integration into everyday life are reviewed. Participants leave with knowledge and experience of mindfulness and its benefits, as well as motivation and resources to continue their own personal mindfulness practice and bring this invaluable practice into daily life.