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Catherine E.  Hundleby - University of Windsor . Windsor , ON, CA

Catherine E. Hundleby Catherine E.  Hundleby

Associate Professor of Philosophy | University of Windsor

Windsor , ON, CANADA

Feminist philosopher of argumentation and knowledge





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Catherine (Cate) Hundleby specializes in interdisciplinary philosophical study of reasoning from a feminist perspective that also attends to other forms of oppression. Her research addresses educational, scholarly, and academic knowledge and argumentation but she also can comment on a variety of gender issues, and issues regarding social bias.

Industry Expertise (3)

Women Writing and Editing Education/Learning

Areas of Expertise (8)

Philosophy Feminism Critical Thinking Argumentation Scientific Knowledge Social Biases Reasoning Humanities

Accomplishments (4)

Visiting Fellow (professional)


Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research, Stanford University

Visiting Scholar (professional)


National Endowment for the Humanities, Department of Philosophy, Pennsylvania State University

Essay Award (professional)


Society for Analytical Feminism

Teaching Honour Roll (professional)


Western University

Education (3)

Western University: PhD, Philosophy 2001

University of Guelph: M.A., Philosophy 1994

University of Toronto: B.A. (Honours), Philosophy Specialist 1991

Women's Studies Minor

Affiliations (3)

  • Fellow, Centre for Research in Reasoning Argumentation & Rhetoric, University of Windsor
  • Cross-appointment, Women and Gender Studies, University of Windsor
  • Director, Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Argumentation Studies, University of Windsor

Languages (1)

  • English

Media Appearances (6)

Interview about PhD in Argumentation Studies

WDET / National Public Radio Detroit  radio


with Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today

At Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson

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Women no longer burning their bras — they’re just not wearing them

The Toronto Star  print


Reporter Lauren Pelley cites Hundleby on women's body image and fashion

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Safety on the roads: Is a women-only driving service the answer?

Toronto Star  print


Reporter Lauren Pelley quotes Hundleby on gender, labour, and violence against women

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Reasonable Responses: The Work of Trudy Govier

Windsor Studies in Argumentation  print


Hundleby edits this tribute to the philosophical innovations of Canadian Trudy Govier. These begin with her work in critical thinking education and argumentation theory and extend through her work on social responsibility and on truth and reconciliation programs.

Media Appearance Image

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Just Reason

Studies in Social Justice 4 (1)  print


Hundleby co-edited this journal volume with Phyllis Rooney

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Reasoning for Change

Informal Logic 30 (3)  print


Hundleby co-edited this special journal volume with Phyllis Rooney

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Event Appearances (1)

A PussyHat Tale

MayWorks Windsor -- "Beyond Traditional: Women's Work" installation  Chimczuk Museum


Research Grants (3)

International Conference: Virtues of Argumentation

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada $40,000


This conference at the University of Windsor, hosted by the Centre for Research in Reasoning, Argumentation and Rhetoric, and sponsored by the Ontario Association for the Study of Argumentation included 120 guests from around the world and various disciplines.

Reason, Activism, and Change: Philosophical Considerations

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada $14,000


This conference, organized by the Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy was hosted at the University of Windsor. Two special journal issues resulted: "Reasoning for Change" in Informal Logic; and "Just Reason" in Studies in Social Justice

Feminist Epistemologies

National Endowment for the Humanities 


This summer institute lasted five weeks at Penn State University, hosted by the Rock Ethics Institute

Articles (7)

Critical thinking and the adversary paradigm. American Philosophical Association Newsletter on Feminism & Philosophy, 13(1).


This article addresses how the teaching of critical thinking in postsecondary education tends to make problematic assumptions about opposition between people who argue.

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Aggression, politeness, and abstract adversaries Informal Logic


33(2), pp. 238-262.

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The authority of the fallacies approach to argument evaluation Informal Logic


30(3), pp. 279-308.

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Silence and the limitations of contextual objectivity International Feminist Journal of Politics


11(2), pp. 254-67.

view more

The epistemological evaluation of oppositional secrets Hypatia


20(4), pp. 44-58.

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The open end: social naturalism, feminist values and the integrity of epistemology Social Epistemology


16, pp. 251-265.

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Where standpoint stands now Women & Politics


18 (3) 1997, pp. 25-43.
• Reprinted in Researching Gender, Editor: Christina Hughes, Sage, 2012.
• Reprinted in Politics and Feminist Standpoint Theories, Ed. Sally J. Kenny, Helen Kinsella, Haworth Press, 1997.

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