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Beautiful Monday: Making Mondays NOT SUCK One Job at a Time





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"Cece is the ultimate catalyst, guide and mentor, who leads us from right where we're standing. If you need to help to make your life fully flourish, listen to her. You will be glad you did!" Susanne Helene, Antioch University MFA

"Cece is the type of person who creates the halo effect - she demands greatness of herself, which thereby pushes everyone around her to raise their own personal bar of excellence." Monica Hare (former) President Midnight Oil Creative

“Cece is a consummate professional. She has worked with a wide variety of clients and has a deep reservoir of experience from which to draw. She tackles new challenges with intelligence, creativity and a great sense of humor.” Kathryn Campbell, Managing Partner Primitive Spark

"I’ve never known anyone to match Cece at manifesting her desires and decisions. She’s gifted in many areas, including focused intelligence, witty personality and an innately discreet and charming style." Katie Karlovitz, award winning actress and founder of On Speaking Terms

Industry Expertise (8)

Advertising/Marketing Publishing Media - Online Information Technology and Services Entertainment Women Corporate Leadership Social Media

Areas of Expertise (9)

Work Life Balance Stress Reduction Personal Growth Career Growth Self Esteem Happiness Motivation Success Creativity

Education (1)

New York University : B.F.A., Tisch School of the Arts

Internship at "Saturday Night Live"

Event Appearances (3)

Love Your Crappy Day Job and Make Your Dreams Come True

Fat Pony Press Presents Speaker Series  New York, NY


The Dream Job Myth

Fat Pony Press Presents Speaker Series  New York, NY


Your Job Doesn't Suck, YOU Suck

J. Walter Thompson, Continuing Education  New York, NY


Sample Talks (2)

Never Give Up. Never Surrender. The Wisdom of "Galaxy Quest"

"Never give up. Never surrender." Quoting Jason Nesmith (as played by the comic genius Tim Allen) from one of my favorite movies of all time "Galaxy Quest." This talk explores the hidden wisdom in this comedy classic and how to apply it to our work.

The Dream Job Myth

Do you feel like you're wasting your life at the office? Would you like to have more energy for loved ones when you get home from work? What about getting paid for who you truly are not who you think they want you to be? Work related stress is a drag. Worse than that, it can ruin your life. This talk answers these questions and more with relevant strategic and tactical take-aways you can put into action now!



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3500 to 7500 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee