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Celia Lo, Ph.D. - Texas Woman's University. Denton, TX, US

Celia Lo, Ph.D. Celia Lo, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology and Social Work | Texas Woman's University


A sociologist and criminologist who researches substance use/misuse, crime and delinquency; disparities in health-risk behaviors and health.



Educated as a sociologist and criminologist, Dr. Celia C. Lo has conducted scholarly research in the areas of substance use and misuse, crime and delinquency, geographic (mal)distribution of substance use, and disparities in health-risk behaviors and health. Several studies for which she was the principal investigator or a co-principal investigator had won financial support from state or federal agencies. Dr. Lo is an expert in the use of theory in the investigation of criminological and sociological topics. In addition, she is well versed in quantitative data analysis. She has conducted many successful research projects, some employing existing data, others requiring large, original data sets collected specifically for her inquiries. In preparing more than 85 peer-reviewed publications (as well as others currently under way), she has laid firm theoretical and empirical foundations furthering her long-term goal of understanding—in order to diminish—the disparities in health care, health-risk behaviors, and health that mark our society.

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Health Higher Education Drug and Alcohol Use Health Risk Crime and Delinquency Violence Racial Disparities

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University of Alabama: Ph.D., Sociology 1993

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Denton Record Chronicle  online


Celia Lo, chairwoman of the sociology and social work department at Texas Woman’s University, researches social implications of alcohol and other substances.

By selling vapor shots, Lo said, the bars are legitimizing a product that has not been thoroughly researched.

“Whatever you can sell in the store, people think it’s not so bad for you,” she said. “But the problem is we don’t really know the facts.”...

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Articles (5)

Racial Disparities in Intimate Partner Violence and in Seeking Help With Mental Health. Journal Interpersonal Violence


Applying Aday and Andersen's health services utilization model, this examination of racial disparities in women's experience of intimate partner violence also looked at racial disparities in mental disorders and in use of mental health professionals' help. We conducted a secondary data analysis of 6,589 women completing the National Violence Against Women Survey. Per our linear regression results, minority women, versus White, tended proportionally to seek less help from mental health professionals.

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Marital status and work-related health limitation: a longitudinal study of young adult and middle-aged Americans International Journal of Public Health


The literature establishes clearly the health benefit of marriage. Much less clear from published data is whether work-related health (dis)advantages accruing to marital transitions persist over time or are limited to the short term. Informed by the marital resources and marital crisis perspectives, this study sought links between marital status measured via three approaches and work-related health limitation, exploring these relationships across genders.

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Inclusive, Interactive Classroom as Student-Learning Facilitator International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning


Using principles underlying the social constructivist approach, we redesigned an undergraduate course on social problems, seeking to employ three learning activities (online assignments and small-group and class discussions) to facilitate knowledge construction by students and promote their intellectual capabilities and critical-thinking skills. We collected qualitative and quantitative data from students enrolled in the redesigned, hybrid course (it comprised class meetings on campus plus online work), two sections of which were taught. Students in both sections completed two feedback evaluation surveys about satisfaction and learning; this survey data comprised narrative comments completed across the fall and spring semesters of 2010–2011. We examined the data, seeking social processes linking the three learning activities to student satisfaction and to student learning. Results showed a link between student satisfaction and student learning generated from, notably, in-class small-group and class discussions. Some implications for pedagogy are outlined.

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The impact of childhood maltreatment on young adults' substance abuse The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse


ABSTRACT: Designed to establish a causal relationship between childhood victimization and young adults' substance abuse, this study also examined depression's role as mediator in that causal relationship. The study employs child-abuse measures that weigh both the type ...

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The facilitating and enhancing roles Greek associations play in college drinking Substance Use & Misuse


ABSTRACT: A quasi-longitudinal, retrospective survey was used to examine the relationship of Greek affiliation and intensity of drinking in college. Explanations of higher levels of drinking among Greeks usually revolve around subcultural support, differential association, and ...

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