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ChaChanna Simpson - Your Stellar Star. Norwalk, CT, US

ChaChanna Simpson

Owner | Your Stellar Star


Engaging, motivating, and energizing speaker inspiring women to create all they want to be do and have.



Let me first state that if you ever need to spell my name, please remember to spell it with two capital Cs. I am extremely particular about that. Chachanna just looks horrid. But ChaChanna? That’s all classy baby!

I hail from the great state of Connecticut, on the right coast! During the day, I am a proofreader at WWE. And yes, I have shaken hands with Vince McMahon, Linda McMahon and Stephanie McMahon

In my other life, I’m a certified life and business coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, motivational speaker, author and Empress of Your Stellar Star, a coaching company for women working a full-time job, starting a business on the side, and want a plan to take their business idea to profitable reality.

I’ve made it my personal mission to remind women of the natural power they have and help them realize they are strong enough and smart enough to create anything they want to be, do, and have.

My workshops, coaching programs, and products, are all designed to teach you how to design your perfect business on the side, manage your corporate job and business until you’re ready to make leap all while also working on your personal development. Because I can teach you every trick in the book but if you have some personal baggage, beliefs and limitations you’re clinging to (whether you realize it or not) you will never reach the success you are destined to have. And, sometimes it’s what’s going on in the mind that’s really blocking women from their dreams.

So, when you work with me, we work on the whole person: you, career, money, health, and relationships. In order to have a stellar life, you have to make sure all the major areas are in order.

I am also a strong believer of helping out in the community and spend my “free time” preparing meals for St. Luke’s Lifeworks community center once a month. Because I know we are all on this planet for a purpose: to help others. I refuse to believe we are on this planet to just wander around and only care about ourselves. Yes, we are born alone but we don’t exist alone.

In case you care, I graduated from The College of New Rochelle, got my coaching certification from IPEC and am a member of the Stamford Chamber of Commerce, Business Network International, and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

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Women Empowerment

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Energy Leadership Index Master Practictioner (professional)

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The College of New Rochelle: B.A., Communications Arts 2000

Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching: Certification, Coaching 2011

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Women With Small Business Luncheon  Manhattan, NY



Social Media for Start-Up Entrpreneurs  New Haven, CT


Sample Talks (3)

Social Media for Start-up Entrepreneurs

You know the basics of using social media but have no idea how it can work for your business. In this workshop, you'll create your own personal step-by-step strategy on how to network online that could lead to better partnerships, exposure, and profit

Superwoman is Dead

With so many responsibilities you have in addition to deciding to start a business, it's easy for you to be on the track of burn out and not even realize it. And before you know it the things you used to love become stressful, exhausting and a burden. This is especially common when you attempt to maintain your hectic schedule of constantly putting others first and yourself last. In this talk, ChaChanna gives tips on recognizing the signs of burn out, if you are already on the path of burn out, and how to eliminate it.

How to Start a Business While Working a Full-time Job (without going crazy)

More than ever women are becoming budding entrepreneurs while still holding down their full time day job. Their schedule is super tight and they’re not sure what they should be doing during those precious moments they have to work on their business. Then the voices in their head tell them they’re not cut out for being entrepreneurs. Drawing from her own personal experience, ChaChanna presents strategies on how to balance their day job, budding business, relationships, and the nagging voices of non-supporters so the audience leaves motivated, confident and with a plan to reach their business goals.



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500 to 2500 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee