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Charles Eduardos, C.Ht. - Victorious Living System. Olmsted Falls, OH, OH, US

Charles Eduardos, C.Ht.

Executive/Life Transformation Coach - Motivational/Inspirational Speaker | Victorious Living System

Olmsted Falls, OH, OH, UNITED STATES

Executive/Life Transformation Coach, Motivational/Inspirational Speaker



Charles Eduardos, C.Ht. Publication Charles Eduardos, C.Ht. Publication Charles Eduardos, C.Ht. Publication


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Habituated Thinking - Charles Eduardos Charles Eduardos - You Are Unique Mind-Body - Charles Eduardos Life Scrips - Charles Eduardos




I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) through the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC), Chaplain for Rocky River Police Department, member of the Cleveland Clinic PAC Team for Clinical Pastoral Education and Pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, I am dedicated to assisting you in your quest for a transformed life. I believe that you can have, you can achieve and you can be more than you ever imagined. I want to partner with you and help you take charge of your thinking and renew your Mind.

Who (or what) controls your thoughts and feelings?To what extent do you feel in charge of your thinking, your emotions? Would you like to feel more in charge? You can experience a greater sense of satisfaction and peace of mind; of being productive, and creative as you learn to access and activate your inner wisdom? This is what the Victorious Living System is all about. Discovering and using your personal power.

What is your purpose, your vision, your mission? What are the barriers that you perceive? The things that get in the way of your Victorious Life?
Why not give yourself a fresh start. Learn how your mind operates, and start operating your mind. Start creating the life of your dreams.

Here's what one of my international clients has to say:

"Charles is a superlative coach. His deep listening skills coupled with an ability to often ask the perfect question at the perfect time makes him an invaluable sounding board, guide and partner in success!" - Craig Kennedy - Executive Coach

Explore your possibilities, you owe it to yourself.

Industry Expertise (5)

Training and Development

Religious Institutions

Professional Training and Coaching


Business Services

Areas of Expertise (7)

Who's Running Your Mind?

Victorious Living

Mastering Stress

Dream Big

From Dreams to Plans to Reality

Free to Be Me!

Living the Love Commandment

Accomplishments (3)

Executive Director of Euclid Weed & Seed (professional)


Euclid Weed & Seed (a crime prevention and neighborhood revitalization initiative of the US Department of Justice), While also serving as Community Policing Specialist for the Euclid Police. Department,

Vice President/General Manager of WRDZ Radio. (professional)


Increased sales from $19,000 to $45,000 per month. Personally landed the first major new car Dealership Account. Provided training, encouragement and leads for sales staff.

CCHAP Coordinator (professional)


Coordinated the development and implementation of a Church Community Health Advocacy Program for the Cleveland, OH Red Cross. Liaised churches and community groups to gather as well as provide information.

Education (6)

Trinity Theological Seminary: Masters of Theological Studies 2010

Hypnosis Motivation Institute: Diploma of Hypnotherapy, Advanced Hypnotherapy & Handwriting Analysis 2010

Patterns for Renewing Your Mind: Certified Practitioner, Christian NLP 2008

Federal Bureau of Investigation: Hostage/Crisis Negotiator 1999

Cleveland Heights Police Academy: Peace Officer Certification 1996

Cleveland State University: Psychology 1990

Affiliations (6)

  • WABC
  • Spiritual Directors International
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
  • Patterns for Renewing Your Mind
  • Northeastern Ohio Synod
  • International Coach Federation, Cleveland Chapter

Testimonials (5)

Angie Eichelberger, Program Manager | Cleveland Clinic / Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Charles is phenomenal and possesses the knowledge, charisma and versatility to skillfully engage a variety of audiences. During one of our recent Saturday Academy sessions, Charles challenged the students through dialogue and thought-provoking exercises to transform their thinking in order to achieve a victorious life. He spoke of the value and importance of being authentic, thinking positively, and believing in one’s own ability to succeed and live up to their fullest potential. The students have expressed that they wish he could be present with them at every session! He is definitely instrumental in “helping others make their dreams come true”!

Amanda Ritchie , Director of Wellness | Eliza Jennings | The Renaissance / Victorious Living Today!

We were fortunate to have Charles speak yesterday on “Victorious Living”. He was an EXCELLENT speaker and related well to our audience. His lecture was in deed motivational, as well as engaging. If you have a future marketing Luncheon or Dinner, he would be perfect. I would highly recommend his lecture.”

Ted Beltavski, Operations Director | R.E. Warner & Associate, Inc.

"Dynamic, motivational and realistic." That's the best way I can describe the energy Charles brought to our Leadership Warner class. I was thoroughly impressed by his knowledge and look forward to working with him again."

Rev. Gary R. Henderson, Senior Pastor | EastShore United Methodist Church - Living the Love Commandment

You have done a tremendous job in the presentation of "Living the Love Commandment." You were animated and kept the participants engaged and involved. I particularly appreciated the way in which the scriptures were integrated in the presentation. There was candor and humor and enough challenge to allow everyone opportunity to grow. You were also unafraid to be personal and share something of your own faith journey as a way of further connection with the participants. It was refreshing to hear the report by one person as they admitted they had come with real skepticism but were pleasantly surprised and learned quite a bit. There was universal agreement that the day was well spent.

Susan Douglass, Administrative Assistant | Escape the Matrix Workshop

In this presentation, you will learn how closely your experiences & past memories shape our beliefs, values and opinion. It affects how you view yourself & other people that interact in your life. I was empowered with knowledge about how my mind, physical body & spiritual well being are tied together. Having this knowledge allows me to be more in control & aware of what is really true in every aspect of my life. With this awareness, my perception of events, whether current or in the past, are framed totally different. WE create our own reality. We give meaning to events, positive or negative. This was a real eye open to unlock your hidden potential.

Event Appearances (20)

Making All Things New

CEOGC Annual Staff Day  Cleveland Museum of Art


Dreams, to Plans, to Reality

North Coast Boot Camp  Sawmill Creek Resort


From Dreams, to Plans, to Reality

Juice Plus North Coast Bootcamp’  Sawmill Creek Resort


Dream Big!

Juice Plus - Dream Big Event  All Saints Lutheran Church


Free to Be Me!

Young Business Leaders   Cleveland Clinic


Cleveland Clinic - Regional Chaplains Gathering

Cleveland Clinic - Regional Chaplains Gathering   Cleveland Clinic Main Campus


Free To Be Me!

Young Business Leaders Summer Internship Program   Cleveland Clinic


Creating Your Brave New World – Living in Purpose and Passion

Interfaith Network Resource Group  Cleveland Clinic - Main Campus


How Powerful Are Your Powerful Questions

ICF Cleveland Charter Chapter Meeting  Cleveland OH


Free To Be Me/Spirituality in Healthcare

Charles Drew Saturday Academy  Cleveland Clinic


Mindset: How can we learn to fulfill our potential?

Baldwin Wallace University Diversity Retreat  Kalahari Resort


Free to be ME

Charles R. Drew Saturday Academy  Cleveland Clinic


Victorious Living Today!

OASPE Local 744 - Meeting  South Euclid Community Center - South Euclid, OH


Victorious Living Today!

Victorious Living Today!  Eliza Jennings - Renaisance


Victorious Living Today!

Victorious Living Today!   Rocky River Senior Center


Mastering Stress

Aflac Regional Training  Cleveland, Ohio


Victorious Living

Victorious Living  Our Savior's Lutheran Church


Transformation 101

Transformation 101  Twinsburg, OH





Building Healthier Relationships Program Sweetheart Affair 2014.

Building Healthier Relationships Program Sweetheart Affair 2014   Call Sam Dickerson for more information and reservations 216-338-6221


Sample Talks (5)

Victorious Living Today!

Discover your internal map of reality , and begin to create peace, happiness, and personal success — no matter your past or present. Discover who you really are, underneath all of the conditioning. Eliminate self-sabotage; that keep you from achieving your desired outcomes. Gain more focus and clarity; and un-stoppable power to achieve your goals. Learn many powerful and amazingly effective personal growth secrets that you'll be able to use the rest of your magnificent life.

Escape the Matrix

Are you frustrated because you can’t seem to achieve the level of success and fulfillment you desire? Do you keep coming right to the threshold of major breakthroughs, only to find yourself, falling just short of your desired outcome? Do you find yourself not even trying because you have convinced yourself that you could never have your dream come true? Are you just sick and tired of being sick and tired? Then… Be transformed by renewing your mind! Let Charles show you how your mind operates

Mastering Stress

The American Institute of Stress says, “There are numerous emotional and physical disorders that have been linked to stress including depression, anxiety, heart attacks, stroke, hypertension…” Charles will help you understand how you go about creating stress and then give you some powerful techniques that can, * Reduce your STRESS level * Improves your immune system function * Enhance memory and learning * Boost your coping skills Be transformed by renewing your mind!

The Key To Conscious Transformation

Charles will systematically raise your awareness of how your mind works and empower you to more effectively take charge of your life. You will learn and get the tools you need to more successfully navigate to your desired outcomes in every area of your life. You will begin to better understand and even see how you tend to sabotage your own desires and plans.

Creating Your Brave New World – Living in Purpose and Passion

Discover how we go about creating meaning and purpose in our lives. Is my mental framework really mine or did I inherit it from someone else? Really? I am the one that's creating my experience of life? Yes! Want to discover how you do it? As you begin to understand the mechanisms, you are empowered to use it consciously and intentionally to create an inner shift in your awareness that produces the vision of your brave new world.



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  • Panelist
  • Workshop Leader
  • Host/MC


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