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Charles Taylor, PhD - Villanova University. Villanova, PA, US

Charles Taylor, PhD

John A. Murphy Endowed Chair Professor of Marketing; Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Marketing and Consumer Insights | Villanova School of Business | Villanova University


Charles "Ray" Taylor, PhD, is a go-to source on advertising, international marketing, branding and consumer behavior





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Black Friday

Big Event Advertising



Market Research

Advertising Regulations

Marketing Strategy

Superbowl Advertising




Dr. Taylor is a prolific scholar and regular media commentator in the fields of advertising, branding and marketing, with a focus on the advertising for major televised events such as the Super Bowl, the Olympics, and the World Cup. He has taught courses in Germany, Korea, Austria, China, and the Czech Republic and has given lectures at many locations throughout the world. Professor Taylor has published more than 100 books, journals, and conference papers. He has consulted with companies including General Motors, Philip Morris USA, and Clear Channel Communications. Professor Taylor currently serves on the Editorial Review Boards of Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Journal of Advertising, Journal of Consumer Affairs, Journal of Business Research, Psychology and Marketing,Journal of Marketing Communications, and Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising.

Education (3)

Michigan State University: PhD

Michigan State University: MBA

University of Michigan: BA

Select Accomplishments (6)

The McDonough Family Faculty Award (professional)


Flemming Hansen Award for Outstanding Lifetime Achievement in Advertising Research (professional)


Ivan L. Preston Award for Outstanding Lifetime Contribution to Advertising Research (professional)


Villanova University Outstanding Faculty Research Award (professional)


Journal of Advertising, Best Paper Award (professional)


Provided Congressional Testimony on Outdoor Advertising (professional)


Affiliations (5)

  • Editor in Chief, International Journal of Advertising
  • American Academy of Advertising (Former President)
  • American Marketing Association
  • Korean Academy of Marketing Science
  • European Academy of Marketing

Select Media Appearances (8)

NFL: Brands could flock to Nassib after historic coming out announcement



The Las Vegas Raiders’ Carl Nassib could become one of the most recognizable faces in football as brands line up to be associated with the National Football League’s first openly gay active player, marketing experts told Reuters on Tuesday. The defensive end said he had agonized here about making the announcement for the past 15 years but was immediately greeted with supportive messages from the league, his team, and fellow players, who all praised his courage here. Fans responded by making his jersey the top-seller on Monday and Tuesday, according to ESPN, and now corporate America is poised to throw its support behind the trailblazing here figure too.

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Why Cadillac’s New ‘Sound Of Arrival’ Campaign Featuring RZA Is A Winner

FORBES  online


Cadillac has just launched a new digital campaign that will run on social channels, including Twitter, Instagram and YouTube titled “Sound of Arrival” in association with the launch of the new Escalade. The campaign features rapper, actor, filmmaker and record producer RZA explaining how each of the 36 speakers in its AKG Studio Reference System work together to deliver perfect sound via symmetry and function. In the first spot, titled “Hero,” RZA explains the technology as the speakers come to life. In conjunction with the campaign, RZA recorded one of his band’s (Wu-Tang Clan) most successful albums, 36 Chambers, on an AKG microphone—the same brand of speakers, featuring the same number (36) of speakers included in the new Escalade. In the background of the spot is a new instrumental remix of Wu-Tang Clan’s hit song, C.R.E.A.M.

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Millennial Money: 4 must-do's if your order arrives damaged

The Associated Press  


If the seller isn’t willing to work with you on a legitimate issue, tell them you will report them to the Better Business Bureau, recommends Charles R. Taylor, a marketing professor at Villanova School of Business.

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Super Bowl Commercials 2019: Brands Play It Safe and Look to the Future

The New York Times  


“It seems like there’s an awful lot of humor and light appeals, and that for advertisers it’s somewhat of a play-it-safe year,” said Charles R. Taylor, a professor of marketing at the Villanova University School of Business. “We’re not hearing about anything crossing over in politics.”

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No, political strife won't hurt Super Bowl advertising

Ad Age  


"If you are just taking an ad in the Super Bowl that doesn't take a political stance, I don't think people watching are going to take issue with that," says Charles R. Taylor, professor of marketing, at Villanova University School of Business.

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Humor, social messages proliferate at a tame Super Bowl

Associated Press  online


Charles Taylor, a marketing professor at Villanova University, said a fifth of all Super Bowl ads featured causes, compared with just 6 percent last year.

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Madison Avenue Hopes Super Bowl Ads Won’t Get Trumped by Politics

Variety  online


“It’s dangerous territory,” says Charles Taylor, a professor of marketing at the Villanova School of Business who regularly studies Super Bowl commercials. Tried-and-true Super Bowl techniques like animals and celebrities are sure-fire ways of gaining success, he says, especially when the Super Bowl will already be politicized by the ongoing debate about NFL players protesting during the national anthem.

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Do human billboards actually bring in customers?

NPR's Marketplace  online


“As drivers, we’re completely trained to notice other people,” said Charles R. Taylor, a professor of marketing at Villanova University. “And when you put human interaction in marketing, in general it leads to more ability to appeal to people’s empathy and raise emotions.”

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Select Academic Articles (5)

Are Super Bowl ads a super waste of money? Examining the intermediary roles of customer-based brand equity and customer equity effects

Journal of Business Research


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How Much Does an NCAA Basketball Championship Matter: A Call for Research on the Public Relations Impact of Athletic Success

International Journal of Advertising


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Advertising for Luxury and Fashion Goods: An Emerging Area

International Journal of Advertising


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The Influence of Purchasing Context and Reversibility of Choice on Consumer Responses Toward Personalized Products and Standardized Products

Psychological Reports


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Some Interesting Findings about Super Bowl Advertising

International Journal of Advertising


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