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Charlie Gilkey

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I help people and businesses focus on what matters and then execute on it. My company's website, Productive Flourishing, is one of the top websites on the web for planning, productivity, and team development. We offer coaching, consulting, workshops, and products that help people start finishing the stuff that matters.

My prior life as an Army logistics officer gave me the experience to take wild, seemingly undoable projects and figure out how to lead teams to accomplish then. A military officer always has too much to do with to few resources, so you figure out pretty quickly how to focus on the essentials, communicate them, and supervise teammates.

I also am near-completion for a PhD in philosophy from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. My speciality is the intersection of ethics, social and political philosophy, and political theory. Two questions still plague me: 1) How do we live the good life? and 2) which social configurations engender flourishing?

The philosopher and soldier in me strongly influence my perspectives on business. Many people find these influences incompatible, but they're actually rather synergistic. We help the people and businesses we work with move past talking about compelling, value-creating visions and start doing the things it takes to manifest them. There's no shortage of good ideas, but good ideas don't create value and change the world - executing them does.

If you'd like to start finishing the stuff that matters and would like some seasoned professional to help you with it, I'd love to hear from you.

I'm also a speaker and source for journalist. If you need a speaker or business expert, email me at

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Strategy Execution


Education (2)

University of Central Arkansas: B.S., Philosophy 2002

University of Nebraska-Lincoln: M.A., Philosophy 2009

My primary areas of study were Ethics and Political Philosophy.



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