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Charlotte Westerhaus-Renfrow - Indiana University, Kelley School of Business. Indianapolis, IN, US

Charlotte Westerhaus-Renfrow Charlotte Westerhaus-Renfrow

Clinical Assistant Professor of Business Law and Management | Kelley School of Business at Indiana University

Indianapolis, IN, UNITED STATES

Westerhaus-Renfrow is a management and corporate leadership expert, with a penchant for theorizing new modes of conflict resolution.






How to deal with a bully in the workplace | Ep. 2



Charlotte Westerhaus-Renfrow presently serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Business Law and Management at the Kelley School of Business on IUPUI's campus, and she teaches negotiations, team dynamics, leadership and business law.

She has received Kelley’s top undergraduate and graduate teaching awards - the Shuyler Otterson Award for Teaching Excellence and the Kelley Evening MBA Award. In 2019, the Office of the President at Indiana University named Westerhaus-Renfrow as one of 25 faculty members to serve as a Bicentennial Professor, celebrating the university’s 200th anniversary. In addition, she was the co-recipient of the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Charles R. Bantz Chancellor's Community Fellowship Award in 2019.

Westerhaus-Renfrow is also a highly sought-after consultant and speaker who works with organizations to foster and support cultures of inclusion and innovation. She is actively involved in the leadership of the Indiana State Bar Association and the Indiana State Board of Bar Examiners and a regular contributor to professional and business periodicals.

Westerhaus-Renfrow received a law degree from the Maurer School of Law at Indiana University-Bloomington and B.S and M.Ed. degrees from Ohio University.

Industry Expertise (6)

Management Consulting

Corporate Leadership



Writing and Editing

Human Resources

Areas of Expertise (5)

Cultural Competencies in Organizations

Conflict Management


Dispute Resolution

Team Performance and Group Processes

Education (3)

Indiana University: J.D. 1991

Ohio University: M.Ed. 1986

Ohio University: B.S. 1976

Media Appearances (10)

The answer will always be 'no' if you don't ask

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Salary negotiation can be stressful, but stay confident. You’ve earned the job, or proven yourself in it. Now, reap the rewards. People in business typically respect a good negotiator, and they want that good negotiator on their team. Just as a marathon starts with a single step, fair compensation starts with the courage to ask.

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Dear millennials, we need you

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If you were born between 1982 and 2002, let me assure you: I get it. You’re tired of persistent generational stereotyping whenever people lump you in with the group labeled as “millennials.”

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Company culture: the elephant in the room

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Company culture in Indiana is an even more important topic that is frequently not discussed and oftentimes not addressed.

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A leader's apology in a tweet

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More and more leaders use social media to connect, network and maintain a dialogue with the public. Let’s be painfully honest: Bosses and leaders are not perfect, and they are not immune to posting rather outrageous and downright embarrassing comments on social networking sites.

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How to deal with bullies at work

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Bullying is not acceptable at work. Period. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, here are two effective tactics to help you deal with a mean and backstabbing colleague.

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Are you a new leader? Here's how to be trusted now

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It’s a new year, and you are a new leader. You are an excellent communicator, you have a compelling vision for change, and you have an even brighter future. You’ve convinced people that you recognize and understand the stakes are high and that failure is not an option.

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Liar, liar, your negotiation is on fire

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Negotiators lie, too—and they lie often. One study found that 100 percent of negotiators lied or failed to reveal a problem if no one directly asked them about it. Deceptive practices—ranging from withholding information to telling boldfaced lies—are used in negotiations.

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For future negotiating success, get gritty

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It happened again. You just left a negotiation and were asked: “Soooooo, how did your negotiation go? Did you win? Did you get the raise … or the contract … or the deal?” You dread the questions because your tried-and-true strategies just didn’t cut it. “Getting to yes” morphed into “going nowhere.”

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Whoa to the Bro Culture at Work

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At the start of 2017, Uber, Amazon and Apple were regarded as the tech’s industry most successful companies. By the end 2017, however, they all were accused of cultivating “bro cultures” in their respective workplaces.

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Transparency: It cuts both ways

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Transparency in business can be a very good thing. Sharing timely, relevant and accurate information with employees is an ethical and respectful practice that can help steer a business or organization away from failure and toward success.

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