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Charmaine Kaimikaua - Loyola Marymount University. Los Angeles, CA, US

Charmaine Kaimikaua Charmaine Kaimikaua

Lecturer | Loyola Marymount University



Dr. Kaimikaua is an international Communications scholar and practicing Social Cultural Anthropologist focusing on: Indigenous advocacy in education, cultural identity and authenticity politics of Pasifika indigenous, intercultural communication, transformative indigenous wisdom, cultural preservation, resistance and empowerment strategies in performance as well as race, class, gender issues through postmodern, postcolonial, deconstructive and Feminist theoretical frameworks. She teaches Communication Theory, Rhetorical Theory, Theories of Organizational Communication and Rhetorical Methods.

In addition, Dr. Kaimikaua is trained in qualitative research methods as her global work in ethnography captures indigenous voices to advocate in communicating indigenous issues, cultural heritage and preservation in Pasifika and Italy. She also has expertise within public and indigenous advocacy through non-profit agencies as Dr. Kaimikaua works with Santa Monica Sister Cities Association, Terra Bella Italian Cultural Services and research contributor to UNESCO-Cultural Heritage. Currently, she is the ambassador and cultural researcher to Sant'Elia, Fiurmerapido, Italy.

Dr. Kaimikaua continues to serve as an adviser for research in culture and communication in affiliation with the University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology, Nga Pae o te Maramatanga-Centre of Research Excellence, and New Zealand Association for Research in Education (NZARE). Her work in cultural advocacy has been published in the United States, New Zealand/Aotearoa and Italy. In her spare time, Dr. Kaimikaua enjoys traveling worldwide and dancing the hula competitively as well as recreational as she is an active member of Ka Hale Hula O Iolana.‌

Education (3)

California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco: Ph.D.

California State University, Long Beach: M.A.

California State University, Long Beach: B.A.