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Cheri Bradish - Ted Rogers School of Management. Toronto, ON, CA

Cheri Bradish Cheri Bradish

Associate Professor and Director, Future of Sport Lab | Ted Rogers School of Management

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Cheri Bradish is an expert in Olympic marketing, Sport and social impact, Sport innovation, Sport marketing, and Women.





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Dr. Cheri L. Bradish was the Loretta Rogers Research Chair in Sport Marketing with the Ted Rogers School of Management from 2013-2018. She is currently Director of the Future of Sport Lab and Chair of Marketing Management. She comes to Ryerson after sixteen years at Brock University where she was the first faculty hire and founder of their successful Bachelor of Sport Management (BSM) degree. At Brock, she served in a number of leadership roles during her tenure, including in the Chair capacity. A sport marketing expert, her area of scholarship interest is with regards to sport business strategy and trends including innovation and entrepreneurship, sport and social impact, and women in sport leadership. Among a number of conference proceedings and publications, her research has appeared in leading journals including: the Journal of Sport Management, the International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing, the Sport Management Review and the Sport Marketing Quarterly. Cheri also has significant experience in the sport industry, including work with the Florida Sports Foundation, Nike Canada Inc., Florida State University Department of Athletics (NCAA), Vancouver Grizzlies (NBA), and the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games (VANOC). She has been widely acknowledged for her teaching, receiving the 2013 Brock University Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching; and in 2011 was chosen as the Canadian Olympic Committee’s representative to attend the International Olympic Academy (IOA) Session for Educators of Higher Institutes of Physical Education in Ancient Olympia, Greece. In 2017, she received a Research Recognition Award from the Ted Rogers School of Management. She is a member of the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Girls in Sport (CAAWS) Board of Directors, as well as a former varsity athlete (volleyball) at the University of Guelph (Ryerson University Communications, 2016).

Areas of Expertise (5)

Women, Sport, and Leadership Sport Innovation Olympic Marketing Sport and Social Impact Sport Marketing


Accomplishments (2)

Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching (professional)

Brock University

Research Recognition Award (professional)

Ted Rogers School of Management

Education (3)

Florida State University: Ph.D. 2003

Florida State University: M.Sc. 1994

University of Guelph: B.A. 1993

Selected Media Appearances (3)

Raptors and Leafs look to cash in with new insurance policy

Toronto Star  online


“Companies are trying to cultivate longer-term, deeper relationships between their partners and their fans,” says Cheri Bradish, chair of the sports marketing department at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management. (...)

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Ryerson, Raptors team up for Business of Basketball course

Toronto Star  online


But in this city, the basketball industry is increasingly intriguing, which is why Ryerson sports marketing professor Cheri Bradish teamed with the Raptors to build a course around it. (...)

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In an Indifferent Toronto, the Pan-Am Games Land With a Thud

New York Times  online


“For the general public, there has been an apathy which is being driven by a dissatisfaction with the management of the games,” said Cheri L. Bradish, who teaches sports marketing at Ryerson University in Toronto. (...)

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Selected Articles (3)

Marketing and Environmental Sustainability in the Sport Sector: Developing a Research Agenda for Action Journal of Management and Sustainability

Chris Chard, Cheryl Mallen, Cheri Bradish


Authoritative discourse within the literature indicates a realization that sport impacts the natural environment (Brooks, 2006; Cachay, 1993; Lenskyj, 1998) and that environmental sustainability (ES) in sport management is emerging as a topic of concern. The number of sport-related journal articles focusing on environmental sustainability (ES), however has been found to be insufficient (Mallen, Stevens and Adams, 2011). The purpose of this study, thus, was to complete a content analysis of management journals to reveal marketing-ES literature to underscore the development of a sport marketing-ES research agenda. The premise was that the understandings concerning the outlook, perceptions, opinions and viewpoints in the marketing-ES manuscripts will enhance the capacity of researchers in developing a research agenda in sport marketing-ES. The methods involved content analysis steps provided by Krippendorff (1980), Weber (1985), and Wolfe, Hoeber and Babiak (2002) including: establishing the sampling units, the unit of text, the coding themes and sub-themes, analytical factors and coding mode. The data analysis framework involved the use of key marketing concepts: the consumer perspective (Aaker, 1996) and the corporate perspective (Knapp, 2000), along with the concept of influencers (Davis & Dunn, 2002). In sum, the examination involved 49 journals published from 1999 to 2009. Key findings included 63 marketing-ES manuscripts and their concepts, themes and sub-themes, along with their perspectives and influencers that were applied to construct 30 questions to develop a sport marketing-ES research agenda. It is time for sport researchers to generate a robust research response to the marketing-ES questions.

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The Role of Mega-Sports Event Interest in Sponsorship and Ambush Marketing Attitudes Sport Marketing Quarterly

MacIntosh, Eric; Nadeau, John; Seguin, Benoit; O'Reilly, Norm; Bradish, Cheri L; et al. Sport Marketing Quarterly


Sponsorship of mega-sports events continues to be one of the most popular forms of marketing. The international
appeal and reach of the Olympic Games, in particular, is amongst the top advertising and sponsorship opportunities in the world for international branding. In turn, the marketing value provided by the Olympic Games has attracted the interest of multiple sponsors in various categories, leading to competitive hosting bids and ambush marketing. This study examined mega-sports event interest as a determinant of sponsorship and ambush marketing attitudes, as well as the purchase intention of affiliated properties during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games. In total, 619 consumer surveys were collected from four different Canadian cities. Results showed that overall consumer interest was high, and that their purchase
intention was strongly influenced by level of interest.

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Corporate Social Responsibility in Sport Human Kinetics Journal

Cheri Bradish, J. Joseph Cronin


Over the past decade, there has been a groundswell of support within the sport industry to be “good sports”, as evidenced by a growing number of, and commitment to, “giving” initiatives and “charitable” programs.

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