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Cheryl  Jones, Ph.D., RN, FAA - UNC-Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill, NC, US

Cheryl Jones, Ph.D., RN, FAA Cheryl  Jones, Ph.D., RN, FAA

Professor & Chair, Department of Health Care Environments, School of Nursing | UNC-Chapel Hill


Cheryl Jones specializins in Nursing Workforce Issues and Health Systems



Cheryl  Jones, Ph.D., RN, FAA Publication



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Cheryl B. Jones has a doctorate in nursing science with a minor in economics, and a master's in nursing administration. She completed a two-year appointment as Senior Health Services Researcher at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Policy (AHRQ) in the DC area. Her research interests include the nursing workforce, and she is particularly interested in the link between the health care workforce and outcomes of care. She has current work underway to estimate the costs of nursing turnover in hospitals and to model nursing labor market behaviors and employment trends.

Industry Expertise (7)


Health and Wellness

Health Care - Facilities

Health Care - Providers

Health Care - Services

Medical/Dental Practice


Areas of Expertise (7)

Health Policy

Mental Health Nursing

Community Health



Nursing Workforce Issues

Health Systems

Accomplishments (2)

Executive Nurse Fellowship (professional)


Was named one of 20 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Executive Nurse Fellows for 2013. This initiative is a “world-class, three-year leadership development program designed to enhance nurse leaders’ effectiveness in improving the United States health care system” that was started by the RWJF in 1998.

Faculty Member of the Year (professional)


She was named Faculty Member of the Year in 2011 by UNC Hospitals Nursing Division for her role in fostering research relationships between UNC Hospitals and the SON.

Education (1)

University of South Carolina: Ph.D., Nursing

Media Appearances (1)

Cheryl B. Jones Awarded Grant to Study Educational Transitions in Nursing

UNC School of Nursing  online


Dr. Cheryl Jones, PhD, RN, FAAN has received a grant from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing to study educational transitions in nurses’ careers. Jones, who is an associate professor and Chair of the Health Care Environments Division at the UNC School of Nursing, will use the funds to data gathered by the North Carolina Board of Nursing on nursing licensure. The study will shed light on how the nature and timing of educational transitions shape nurses’ career paths. Study co-investigators include research associate professor John Carlson, MS, from UNC SON and Dr. Erin Fraher, PhD, MPP, from the UNC School of Medicine.

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Articles (5)

A retention strategy for newly graduated nurses: an integrative review of orientation programs

Journal of Nurses in Professional Development

2010 ABSTRACT: To address nurse recruitment and retention issues, hospitals have increased the number of newly graduated nurses in their hiring pools and have simultaneously established orientation programs for those nurses. Structured orientation programs ...

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Does safety climate moderate the influence of staffing adequacy and work conditions on nurse injuries?

Journal of Safety Research

2007 ABSTRACT: Hospital nurses have one of the highest work-related injury rates in the United States. Yet, approaches to improving employee safety have generally focused on attempts to modify individual behavior through enforced compliance with safety rules and mandatory participation in safety training...

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Chief nursing officer retention and turnover: a crisis brewing? Results of a national survey.

Journal of Healthcare Management

2007 ABSTRACT: Anecdotal evidence suggests growing concerns about chief nursing officer (CNO) dissatisfaction, intent to leave, and turnover. However, little evidence documents the magnitude of the problem or whether CNO turnover requires direct action. This article reports the results from the first phase of a three-phase study examining CNO turnover and retention in U.S. hospitals. CNOs were invited to complete an online survey to gather data about their experiences with turnover and to identify CNO retention issues...

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Quality Indicators Sensitive to Nurse Staffing in Acute Care Settings

Advances in Patient Safety: From Research to Implementation

2005 ABSTRACT: In this era of patient safety, quality indicators associated with the nursing profession have evolved from nursing-sensitive to adverse event-sensitive. This paper aims to compare and contrast available quality indicator tools associated with nurse staffing outcomes...

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The nursing practice environment, staff retention, and quality of care

Research in Nursing & Health

1998 ABSTRACT: The effects of key factors in the nursing practice environment—management style, group cohesion, job stress, organizational job satisfaction, and professional job satisfaction—on staff nurse retention and process aspects of quality of care were examined. Hinshaw and Atwood's (1985) anticipated turnover model was modified and expanded to include relevant antecedent and outcome variables...

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