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Chris Burton Chris Burton

Brand Spice

Westhumble, Surrey, UNITED KINGDOM

Creating business & brand momentum





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Over 20 years of success in driving business growth through creating and developing brands. Chris has developed brands in a variety of different categories from personal care to household, and food & beverage retail to toys. Chris has done this in a variety of different contexts, from blue chip international players to small UK businesses.

Chris is also passionate about innovation and has headed up and directed international innovation teams. His experience extends to creating teams and environments that foster creativity and produce successful break-throughs and innovation.

Chris has an infectiously enthusiastic and engaging style. Videos of Chris in action are available on request.

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Training and Development

Management Consulting

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Education (1)

University of Brighton - UK: Business Studies BA Hons, Business 1991

Market Research Society Diploma 1st prize Final year dissertation - University of Brighton 2nd prize Final year dissertation - UK Activities and Societies: Marketing Society

Testimonials (6)

Karen Bosher, Head of Retail Stores | Early Learning Centre

Chris is a highly creative and visionary brand marketing specialist who has the ability to get to the heart of any brand very quickly. Passionate about customers and keen to educate those who work with him as to the advantages of advocacy in both commercial and environmental terms, he will act as a catalyst to focusing a teams efforts to deliver. Engaging, optimistic and easy to work with he will bring fresh new thinking into any senior group.

Sarah Boyle, Product Development Director | Mothercare

Chris is an energetic, bright and talented brand marketeer. His knowledge of his subject is expansive, he lives and breathes it...he works hard and tirelessly to deliver his vision. He relishes taking others on the journey and 'bringing it alive' for all to see, touch and smell! I am sure he will be successful in his new business, he has all the attributes needed to enhance businesses that need a clear brand vision created and executed.

Jo Ledsham, Trading Director | Early Learning Centre

Chris has a unique blend of energy, passion and tenacity. He has an excellent pedigree which he uses to his continuous benefit demonstrating an sound knowledge of how to build a brand, supported by a wide repertoire of tools to deliver

Jonathan Winchester, Managing Director | Shopper Anonymous

Chris has been instrumental in helping me to appreciate the value of branding and how it can really drive more profitable sales through the business. Chris facilitated some excellent team sessions to define our business and brand strategy and then through action planning has driven us to realise the important tasks we need to undertake to ensure all clients feel truly valued. Chris is a real expert who has helped me answer many of the questions I have long been asking. I thoroughly recommend Chris.

Ri Ferrier, Marketing Consultant | Energist UK

Chris brings enthusiasm, integrity, huge lashings of sincerity and is a force to be reckoned with in the branding world. The difference he has made at Energist UK is fantastic

Sarah Fenwick, Managing Director | Energist UK

Chris is one of THE most focused, conscientious, smart, professional, high integrity people I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and he damn well knows his stuff too! We couldn't have achieved everything we have with our brand without Chris.

Sample Talks (1)

Creating sustained profitable sales growth with your brand

Chris covers the following: Why brands? - History and role that brands play. The power of brands - How brands engage / disengage us. How we respond to brands. How brands can create sustained profitable sales growth How to unlock the power of your brand Actions you can apply to your business today



  • Keynote
  • Panelist
  • Workshop Leader
  • Corporate Training


3500 to 10000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee