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Chris Gibbs - Ted Rogers School of Management. Toronto, ON, CA

Chris Gibbs Chris Gibbs

Assistant Professor, Hospitality & Management | Ted Rogers School of Management

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Professor Gibbs focuses on social media, digital media, sports, and marketing


Dr. Chris Gibbs has over 20 years of diverse sports, entertainment, travel and hospitality industry work experience prior to teaching at university. He uses this diverse experience to guide his teaching and research. His recent research looks at the use of mobile ready platforms (mobile websites, responsive website design and mobile applications) across the spectrum of hotels, destination marketing organizations and airports. Prior research has investigated the use of twitter for sports media relations, fan engagement, ethics communications and social media for hotel human resources. Beyond his academic research he has done research for a diverse group of organizations; Royal Bank, Tourism Toronto, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts and Miles Destination Marketing.

For his teaching and contribution to the university, Chris has received recognition. In 2015 he was awarded the Dean’s Teaching Award at the Ted Rogers School of Management and in 2012 he was awarded the Student Experience Award by the students of the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Before joining Ryerson, Chris spent eight years at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment in business operation and venue management roles. He has also held leadership positions in the travel industry with Travel CUTS, live theatre marketing with Livent Inc. and attraction marketing with Playdium Entertainment. Throughout his career, Chris always finds “white space” where he creates new business opportunities for companies to reach new markets with new revenue opportunities. He has built a reputation as an accomplished leader with an engaging presentation style.

Areas of Expertise (4)

Marketing Digital Media Social Media Sports


Accomplishments (3)

Vice-Provost Experiential Teaching Award, Ryerson University (professional)


Deans Teaching Award, Ted Rogers School of Management Ryerson University (professional)


School of Hospitality and Tourism Management Service Award (professional)


Selected Media Appearances (5)

'Tradition doesn't work as well': Quebec couple revives old hotel for short-term rentals

CTV News  


"You're going to see more and more people who have extra space that's unused find ways to try to rent it...from sailing boats to old warehouses to tree forts," said Chris Gibbs, a professor at Ryerson University's school of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

He says the change may also be driven by a shift in customer preference toward unique, personalized experiences rather than a simple hotel stay.

"When it comes to food, people want bolder flavours, more variety," he said. "When it comes to accommodation, they want different experiences too, like the ability to sleep in a tent, or a Winnebago."...

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Are short-term rental firms like Airbnb turning Toronto’s condos into hotels?

Toronto Star  


“There’s been a very large disruption in the world of living in condos caused by short-term rentals,” Ryerson University Hospitality and Tourism Researcher Chris Gibbs said during a recent panel discussion called “Who’s Been Sleeping in Your Neighbour’s Bed: Airbnb & Toronto Condominium Disruption.”...

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Crackdown needed on Airbnb and Uber alike

Huffington Post  


In Canada, the conversation about this business model is just beginning. This week, the Institute for Hospital and Tourism Research at Ryerson U’s Ted Rogers School of Management held a symposium about Airbnb. Its figures show that 1,121 units and 1,305 units each night are booked in Vancouver and Toronto respectively, according to Assistant Professor Chris Gibbs...

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Airbnb 'ghost hotels' take scarce housing off GTA market: Report

MetroNews Canada  


“This whole idea of a sharing economy is really nice, but the reality is it’s a booking economy,” said Chris Gibbs, an assistant professor in Ryerson’s hospitality and tourism management program. “Airbnb has become a booking engine no different from Expedia and an insignificant portion of its revenue is coming from what they’ve sort of built their brand on.”...

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MLSE boss Michael Friisdahl eschews spotlight

Toronto Star  


“They are high-end consulting,” said Chris Gibbs, assistant professor at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University. “They’re about as expensive as you can get.”...

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Selected Articles (3)

Professional Team Sport and Twitter: Gratifications Sought and Obtained by Followers International Journal of Sport Communication

Chris Gibbs, Norm O'Reilly, Michelle Brunette


Without exception, all professional sport teams in North America use social media to communicate with fans. Sport communication professionals use Twitter as one of the strategic tools of engagement, yet there remains a lack of understanding about how users are motivated and gratified in their Twitter use. Drawing on a specific sample from the Twitter followers of the Canadian Football League, the researchers used semistructured in-depth interviews, content analysis, and an online survey to seek an understanding of what motivates and satisfies Twitter followers of professional sport teams, measured through the gratifications sought and the fulfillment of these motives through the perceived gratifications obtained...

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A Phenomenological Investigation Into How Twitter Has Changed the Nature of Sport Media Relations International Journal of Sport Communication

Chris Gibbs, Richard Haynes


This article uses the phenomenological method to explain how Twitter has changed the nature of sport media relations. The research was based on semistructured interviews with 18 Canadian and U.S. sport media professionals having an average 16 yr of experience. This exploratory study uses the lived experience of sport media professionals to identify 3 clusters that help explain how Twitter has changed the nature of sport media relations: media landscape, “mechanical” job functions, and sport media relations...

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Social media usage in hotel human resources: recruitment, hiring and communication International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management

Chris Gibbs, Fraser MacDonald, Kelly MacKay


The purpose of this study is to explore the use and non-use of social media (SM) by North American hotels for human resource (HR) activities.

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