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Chris Keevill - Colour. Toronto, ON, CA

Chris Keevill

President and CEO | Colour

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Making sense of the mess. Marketing in a networked world.



Communications and media are changing and in that change lies opportunity to lead. Companies and people can gain advantage in understanding how to leverage digital and social channels to build brands...their own and their firm's. Chris started NBTel Interactive and New North Media in the early '90s when interactive meant telephone. He went on to lead FloNetwork an email marketing company as President before selling to DoubleClick in 2001. Understanding the power of networks to connect brands, experiences and people had begun in the earliest days of digital marketing for Chris. Now as the owner and CEO Colour, he is helping clients integrate all of their social, digital and traditional communications needs wrapped up in crerativity. Colour is truly a "next generation" agency and changing all the time to keep up...and make sense of the mess.

Industry Expertise (3)

Social Media



Areas of Expertise (2)

Digital Change

Consumer Power Shift

Accomplishments (2)

Chair, Canoe'09 (personal)

Event Chair, 2009 Sprint Canoe World Championships

Board Chair (professional)

Halifax United Way

Education (2)

Acadia University: BBA, Business 1987

Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario: MBA, Marketing 1991



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