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Christopher A. Pohlod - Michigan State University. East Lansing, MI, US

Christopher A. Pohlod Christopher A. Pohlod

Osteopathic Pediatrician | Michigan State University


Dr. Pohlod is an osteopathic pediatrician treating children with osteopathic manipulative and nutritional and integrative strategies.





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Dr. Pohlod is an osteopathic pediatrician, who has practiced since 2006. He currently treats children by referral with osteopathic manipulation and integrative and nutritional assessment. Common conditions that respond to Osteopathic manipulation include but are not limited to infant plagiocephaly (flat heads) and torticollis, reflux and colic. For older children various types of musculoskeletal pain (back, neck and limb pain) and headaches respond to Osteopathic techniques and nutritional approaches. Osteopathic and Integrative strategies can be supportive in a variety conditions related to gut health and food sensitivities.

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Integrative Medicine

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Faculty Conversations: Chris Pohlod

MSU Today  online


There’s a problem with childhood obesity in this country, but Chris Pohlod, pediatrics assistant professor, thinks some unhealthy habits that evolve into serious health problems can be curbed ahead of time. After speaking with professionals that work with overweight children, Pohlod and three MSU colleagues began developing an office-based instrument to help identify key strategies where proper childhood weight was achieved. “It’s opposed to an open-interview format, where you wait for problems to come up. This gives us a sense of things to look for ahead of time,” Pohlod said. “Hopefully it will allow us to speed up the process of helping people lose weight.” He’s been able to draw some conclusions from his work already, but because there are so many factors that could lead to obesity, determining cause is sometimes difficult. He said both environmental and cultural factors play a part, including the rising cost of healthy foods. “Prices of fruits and vegetables have gone up in the past 10 to 20 years, compared to boxed foods like macaroni and cheese,” he said.

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