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Christian  Rossetti  - Georgia Southern University. Statesboro, GA, US

Christian Rossetti

Associate Professor | Georgia Southern University


Christian Rossetti’s research focuses on strategic sourcing, aligning goals in buyer-supplier relationships, and supply chain structure



Christian Rossetti’s, associate professor of logistics, research focuses on strategic sourcing, aligning goals in buyer-supplier relationships, and supply chain structure. He has published papers in Decision Sciences Journal, International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management and International Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, among others. Christian’s teaching areas include logistics, production planning and control, and strategic sourcing. He comes to Georgia Southern from North Carolina State University.

Areas of Expertise (5)

Supply Market Research

Logistics Management

Logistics and Intermodal Transportation

Supply Chain Logistics

Operations Planning and Control

Accomplishments (5)

Department of Business Management Research Growth & Innovation Award


Big-Data Poole College of Management Grant w/ M. Stanko


Journal of Operations Management Reviewer of the Year


CAPs Scholarship, Center for Advancement of Purchasing Studies


Gill Grant Recipient, NCSU College of Management

2008 & 2009

Education (3)

Arizona State University: Ph.D, Business Administration: Supply Chain Management 2006

Worcester Polytechnic Institute: M.S. 2000

McGill University: B.Eng, Civil Engineering 1990

Affiliations (6)

  • Journal of Operations Management : Editorial Review Board
  • Journal of Supply Chain Management : Editorial Review Board
  • Academy of Management : Member
  • Decision Sciences Institute : Member
  • Institute of Supply Management : Member
  • Production and Operations Management Society : Member

Articles (6)

All You Need is Love? Communication Insights From Pop Music's Number-One Hits

Journal of Advertising Research

David H. Henard, Christian L. Rossetti,

2014 In response to calls for further investigation on the role of music and advertising, the authors of the current study analyzed popular music's most successful songs over a 50-year period (1960–2009). The current paper uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches to uncover communication themes from nearly 1,000 songs that best resonated with mass audiences. The study identifies 12 communication themes and finds that they are used repeatedly over time; are largely emotional in nature; appear congruent with contemporary societal and environmental influences; and help predict a song's chances of commercial success. The results provide advertising professionals with a repertoire of themes for consideration in advertising and other marketing communications for mass audiences.

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A multi-agent simulation of the pharmaceutical supply chain

Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation

Gaurav Jetly, Christian L Rossetti, Robert Handfield

2014 The pharmaceutical supply chain is composed of multiple firms interacting to produce and distribute drugs in an uncertain environment. In this work, we develop and validate a multi-agent simulation of the supply chains associated with the pharmaceutical industry. We demonstrate that the operating norms of a particular industry can be accurately represented to create an industry-specific model capable of tracing its evolution. Our model is initialized using 1982 financial data with 30 manufacturers, 60 suppliers, and 60 distributors. Three types of drugs, blockbusters, medium and small, with a 12-year lognormal product life cycle are released by manufacturers. Each quarter the distributors bid for future market share of the released products, and the suppliers bid for acceptable margins. Mergers and acquisitions, based on assets and expected profitability, are allowed at each level. One thousand replications, each lasting the equivalent of 39 years, are used to validate the model.

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Forces, trends, and decisions in pharmaceutical supply chain management

International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management

Christian L Rossetti, Robert Handfield, Kevin J Dooley

2011 The purpose of this paper is to identify and examine the major forces that are changing the way biopharmaceutical medications are purchased, distributed, and sold throughout the supply chain. This will become important as healthcare reform moves forward, and logistics will be transformed in this industry.

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Job Types in the Supply Chain Management Profession

Journal of Supply Chain Management

Christian L. Rossetti and Kevin D. Dooley

2010 There is little academic consensus on a definition of supply chain management (SCM). Education and research could benefit from a better understanding of how practice is defining the profession, in terms of the type of jobs associated with SCM. Existing definitions of SCM suggest two archetypal job functions: functional integrator and process manager.

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Supply Management under High Goal Incongruence: an empirical examination of disintermediation in the aerospace supply chain

Decision Sciences Journal

Christian L. Rossetti and Thomas Y. Choi

2008 Aftermarket sales and profits are becoming an increasingly important part of an original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) business model. Because replacement parts often do not require further manufacturing, OEMs act as intermediaries in the aftermarket. As with any intermediary, the OEM must concern itself with suppliers disintermediating its supply chain selling replacement parts directly to the OEM's customers.

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The Candy Container Competition: Reinforcing Gross Weight, Balance, and Stowage in Intermodal Transportation

Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education

Christian L. Rossetti

Accepted for Publication This article has been accepted, but is not in print.