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Christina Kirsch - ChangeTrack Research. Sydney, , AU

Christina Kirsch

Lead Researcher and Senior Consultant | ChangeTrack Research


Experienced presenter and key note speaker at national and international conferences on organizational change and organizational sustainabil



Dr Christina Kirsch
BPsych(Hons); DPhil(Org Psych); MAPS
Christina is a senior consultant, registered organizational psychologist and an active researcher in the field of Organisational Change and Sustainability. Christina has extensive experience as a Lecturer, Academic Writer and Consultant. Her research interests include Organisational Change, Sustainability, Employee Engagement and Motivation, Industrial democracy and Employee empowerment, Cross-cultural applied Research and Organizational Analysis and (Re-)Design. She has been published in numerous international academic journals and presented at national and international conferences and events. As a consultant she has a keen interest in the environmental sustainability and how organisations effectively change to achieve this goal

Industry Expertise (3)

Talent Management

Management Consulting


Areas of Expertise (3)

Organizational Change

Organizational Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility & Employee Engagement

Affiliations (1)

  • APS (Australian Psychological Society), COP (College of Organisational Psychology), CMI (Change Management Institute), ACMP (Association for Chaneg Management Professionals), Association for Sustainability in Business, Sydney Coastal Councils Group

Sample Talks (1)

Busting the Myths of Change Management

Managers and consultants responsible for organizational change processes need to know whether change is on track to delivering the intended benefits. When change is off track, leaders need to know what corrective actions to take. Good navigation is vital to successful change and improved performance. However, most navigation is based on guesswork or simplistic measures that don't show how change is progressing early enough in a project's lifetime. Subsequently, leaders find out too late that change is off track ? by which point it is difficult to know what steps are needed to get back on the right course. Despite good intentions, change takes longer and costs more than planned. More often than not it fails to deliver promised improvements and performance gains. Based on ten years of research CTRE has identified the factors which drive successful change and improved performance. Developed from the practical application of these findings, ChangeTracking is a tool for navigating change to deliver high performance. Like a Global Positioning System (GPS), ChangeTracking positions groups on a change map so leaders can see where change is on track and where it is not. And it shows the required actions where course correction is needed. ChangeTracking takes the guesswork out of managing change, giving leaders the information they need to navigate with confidence. It provides a means to actively engage people in a positive way during the change process, focusing their efforts on the factors that really make a difference. ChangeTracking accelerates change and delivers sustainable improvements in business performance. This session will provide an introduction to the empirically derived ChangeTracking model, the Change Map, and its potential use as a modelling and predictive tool. Recent empirical findings regarding the factors that drive the success of organizational change projects and that impact organizational performance will be presented.