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Christine M. Rosen - Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley. Berkeley, CA, US

Christine M. Rosen Christine M. Rosen

Associate Professor | Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley


Expert on history of business leadership of anti-pollution movements and today’s struggles over how to transition to clean energy


Areas of Expertise (6)

Sustainable Business Strategy

Business History

Green Chemistry

Sustainable Product Design

Business History and the Environment

American Environmental History

Education (3)

Harvard University: PhD, History

Harvard University: MA, History

Wellesley College: BA, History

Honors & Awards (3)

Visiting Scholar

Institute of Urban and Regional Development, UC Berkeley

Abel Wolman Award of the American Public Works Association

Awarded for The Limits of Power: Great Fires and the Process of City Growth in America, 1987

Honorable mention, John Hope Franklin Award of the American Studies Association

Awarded for The Limits of Power: Great Fires and the Process of City Growth in America, 1987

Selected External Service & Affiliations (7)

  • 2001 – present, Editorial Board Member, Environmental History
  • 2002 – present, Editorial Board Member, California Management Review
  • Ad Hoc Reviewer (Journals): Business History Review, Enterprise and Society, Environmental History Review, Economic History Review, Journal of Industrial Ecology, Journal of Cleaner Production, California Management Review
  • Ad Hoc Reviewer (Books): Yale University Press, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, University of Pittsburgh Press
  • Member, Business History Conference (BHC)
  • Member, American Society for Environmental History (ASEH)
  • Member, Society for the History of Technology, American Society for Legal History (SHOT)

Positions Held (1)

At Haas since 1983

1992 – present, Associate Professor, Haas School of Business 2010 – present, Associate Director, Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry 2006 – 2011, Director, American Studies Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Major, L&S. 1983 – 1992, Assistant Professor, Business and Public Policy, Haas School of Business 1983 – Lecturer, Legal Studies Program, UC Berkeley 1982 – 1983, Lecturer, Business and Public Policy, Haas School of Business 1982 – Lecturer, Department of History, UC Berkeley 1979 – Lecturer, Department of City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley 1976 – 1977, Instructor, Department of History, Princeton University

Media Appearances (3)

What Does A Biden Administration Mean For Businesses?

KPCC AirTalk  radio


Assoc. Prof. Christine Rosen joined this radio program to discuss what a Biden administration means for business. "(He) is going to bring a completely different attitude towards green business, sustainable business, and ESG reporting," Rosen said.

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COVID-19 Triggers Dip in Carbon Emissions and Pollution

Engineering.com  online


“It’s a useful thing to draw a parallel between these two kinds of crises,” said Christine Rosen, associate professor at University of California-Berkeley Haas School of Business.

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Experts say Theranos 'too good to be true'

ABC7  online


"Unfortunately it was too good to be true," said Assoc. Prof. Christine Rosen of the Haas Business and Public Policy Group, who originally had had high hopes for Holmes and Theranos. "She, as a cutting edge pioneering woman in this area -- it was a big fizzle."

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Selected Papers & Publications (10)

What is Business History?

Enterprise & Society

Christine Meisner Rosen


Fact Versus Conjecture in the History of Industrial Waste Utilization

Economic Journal Watch

Christine Meisner Rosen


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The Role of Business Leaders in Community Sustainability Coalitions: An Historical Perspective

Sustainable Communities

Christine Meisner Rosen


Business Leadership in the Movement to Regulate Industrial Air Pollution in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century America

Jahrbuch für Wirtschaftsgeschichte / Economic History Yearbook

Christine Meisner Rosen


The Role of Pollution Regulation and Litigation in the Development of the U.S. Meatpacking Industry, 1865-1880

Enterprise and Society: The International Journal of Business History

Christine Meisner Rosen


The Business-Environment Connection

In “Anniversary Forum: What’s Next for Environmental History?”

Christine Meisner Rosen


’Knowing’ Industrial Pollution: Nuisance Law and the Power of Tradition in a Time of Rapid Economic Change, 1840-1865

Environmental History

Christine Meisner Rosen


Industrial Ecology and the Transformation of Corporate Environmental Management: A Business Historian’s Perspective

Inventing for the Environment

Christine Meisner Rosen


Product Recovery With Some Byte: An Overview of Management Challenges and Environmental Consequences in Reverse Manufacturing for the US Computer Industry,y

11 Journal of Cleaner Production

Christine Meisner Rosen


The Role of Voluntary Industry Standards in Environmental Supply Chain Management: An Institutional Economics Perspective

6 Journal of Industrial Ecology

Christine Meisner Rosen, Sara Beckman, and Janet Bercovitz


Teaching (7)

Energy and Civilization

UGBA 193B - L&S 126 with James Rector and Ahmed Badruzzaman 2020 - present

UC Berkeley Big Ideas Course Program

2016 - 2019

History of American Business

UGBA 172, AS C172 1999 - present

Green Chemistry: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Sustainability

Chem – SPH – ESPM - Eng 234 Spring 2011, 2013, 2014

Ethics and Decision Making in Green Product Design: Business, Science and Policy Perspectives

ESPM 290 – MBA 296.1A Spring 2012

Designing Sustainable Materials and Products: Problem Solving for Society and the Environment

ESPM 290 – MBA 290 Spring 2015

Energy, Sustainability, and Business Innovation

MBA 290 – Eng 298 – Info 290 with Drew Isaacs 2007- 2009