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Christopher Allen is a long-time entrepreneur, advisor, technologist and educator whose many ventures center on tools for collaboration & trust, and the facilitation of online communities. As the founder of Consensus Development, Christopher helped develop SSL with Netscape, and is co-author of the IETF TLS internet-draft that is now at the heart of all secure commerce on the World Wide Web.

More recently Christopher has been a startup advisor, an executive coach, founded a multiplayer online game company, and consults for Fortune 500 companies on social web strategy. He has spoken about the social web, collaboration, privacy, and iPhone development at various conferences.

Since 2003 Christopher has been sharing his experience at his blog, where he discusses a variety of topics including entrepreneuring, the social web, social media, social software, blogging, groupware, collaboration, group dynamics, rating & ranking systems, online communities, facilitation, internet security, trust, privacy, iphone development, interface design, online game design, and internet tools.

Christopher teaches in the sustainable MBA program at the classes "Using the Social Web for Social Change", "Digital Influence", and is part of the faculty team that designed a totally integrated first-year sustainable business MBA curriculum. He also acts as Director of Collaborative Strategy where he is establishing standards for digital content, ebooks, flipped classroom, online teaching platforms, and is creating a 21st-century cognitive and social pedagogy for hybrid higher education.

Christopher is also co-author of "iOS in Action: Introduction to iPhone and iPad Development", is co-founder and keynote speaker of where he moderates the popular Hackathon Contest, have has produced six iOS games at, and is currently producing for the iPad a new platform for non-linear media called Infinite Canvas

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Bainbridge Graduate Institute:

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Randall Moss, Project Coordinator | American Cancer Society’s Social Networking Media Conference

"Christopher donated his time and energy, playing an integral role in developing the American Cancer Society’s Social Networking Media Conference. His real-world experience in the V.C. realm and exposure to SNM made him an ideal keynote speaker. His insights help ACS to develop a useful social network strategy, a strategy we have taken to some of the nation’s largest Voluntary Health Associations."

Reid Hoffman, CEO | LinkedIn

“Life With Alacrity is one of the blogs that I read. While I do not always agree with Chris, esp. on some features in professional networking, I enjoy reading his blog because he always has interesting, considered, and serious things to say. I not only recommend his blog; I think that he is also a very reasonably panelist, an effective collaborator, and an industry commentator to watch.”

Drew Boyd, Director of Marketing Mastery | Johnson & Johnson

“Chris works with our marketing associates on how to use Web 2.0 social media tools both for internal applications (wikis, etc) as well as external programs (customers). Chris provides detailed training on the applications, and provides coaching on how to apply them in practice. He keeps our teams updated on trends and new enhancements as they occur.”

Scott Schoeder, Dean of Academic Affairs | Bainbridge Graduate Institute

“Christopher's MBA course "Using the Social Web for Social Change" in fall 2009 received the strongest course evaluation by students of any course offered this academic year at BGI. Christopher is a dynamic instructor who brings current, relevant knowledge and skills to his students and invests significantly in the development and success of each person in his class. Typically at BGI elective course offerings change each year, but the impact that Christopher had on the BGI community through his course this fall dictates that it be offered again in the coming year.”

Craig Cmehil, Technology Evangelist | SAP

"Christopher provided one of the most eye opening and thought provoking sessions for our team I've ever experienced! In the dynamic world of online communities one must remain ever questioning and ever changing and Christopher has helped us to question our status quo and our plans as we move forward."

Event Appearances (8)

Hackathon MC & Judge

iOSDevCamp  San Jose, CA


The Dunbar Number, Unstructured Trust, and Why Groups Don't Scale

BayCHI  Palo Alto, CA


Using the Social Web

13th Global Forum on Business Driven Action Learning and Executive Development  Seoul, Korea


The Dunbar Number

MeshForum  San Francisco, CA


The Intersection on Innovation and Social Networking (Keynote Speaker)

Social Network Media Conference of NVHA (National Voluntary Heath Care Associations)  Atlanta, GA


The Network is People (Panelist)

SuperNova  San Francisco, CA


Enabled Social Networks: Commercial, Social, and Political Implications (Panelist)

Panel on Social Networks  Carnegie Mellon/Nasa Ames


Memes & Memetics

Slidecast  Bainbridge Graduate Institute (, MBA in Sustainable Systems, Using the Social Web for Social Change


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The Dunbar Number — Unstructured Trust and Why Groups Don't Scale

Presentation to BayChi on July 11th 2006. Slidecast (slides + audio) at



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