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Christopher Babson - Breakout Success. Los Angeles, CA, US

Christopher Babson

Owner/Speaker/Trainer | Breakout Success

Los Angeles, CA, United-States

America's Hottest New Peak Performance, Success & Leadership Expert



Christopher Babson Publication Christopher Babson Publication Christopher Babson Publication



Motivational Leadership Speaker Manager as Leader On 3 of the 19 Laws of Leadership & Success Simple, Powerful Leadership & Communication Tool




You are GUARANTEED an Unforgettable Experience
• A Dynamic & Inspirational Presentation from a Stage Actor who Appeared in the #1 TV Show in the World
• Many Peak Performance, Success & Leadership "Aha" Moments from a Fortune-1 Vice President
• Success Tools for You to Actualize Your Greatest Personal or Organizational Potential from a Successful CEO/Entrepreneur

Chris will provide your people proven & easy tools to lead themselves & others to their greatest potential, productivity & results. He does so in a highly energetic and inspirational manner that will create a constructive mental & emotional shift in them.

He uses the stage & presentation skills he learned in his New York stage acting career to provide a dynamic, exciting presentation that will reach into your heart & mind & materially change your perception of self, potential & success.

Career Highlights include:
• MBA from Purdue's Top-20 business school
• Vice President at GE Capital when Jack Welch ran GE and at Wells Fargo’s highly respected Commercial Bank when Dick Kovacevich ran the bank
• Chris created a 120 page professional sales training manual and an 60 page customer service manual and one- to two-week training programs as Vice President of Sales & Customer Service for Budget Van Lines

• He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, Actors Equity Association & American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
• Published author of BOLD! - the 6 Pillars of Success of which Steve Forbes said "just what we need..." and Brian Tracy said "...powerful, practical book shows you a proven system to build an extraordinary life, accomplish all of your goals and achieve more than you ever thought possible."
• Published author of BREAKOUT PRESENTATIONS, “WOW!” People with Persuasive Power in Business and Life
• Author of the soon to be published ZoneFlow - Peak Performance and Success System

Industry Expertise (10)

Corporate Leadership Financial Services Banking Writing and Editing Business Services Management Consulting Professional Training and Coaching Restaurant/Food Service Corporate Training Training and Development

Areas of Expertise (5)

Leadership Success Change Presentation Skills Charisma & Presence

Accomplishments (9)

CEO, ZoneFlow - Expert, Author, Speaker on Peak Performance, Success & Leadership (professional)

Have given hundreds of seminars & speeches on Leadership, Change and Success to corporations, universities and organizations

CEO, Billing Management Group (professional)

Founded, grew and sold BMG. Managed receivables for surgeons and surgical facilities.

Vice President, GE Capital Commercial Finance (professional)

GE Capital Commercial Finance. Corporate Finance for Fortune-1000 companies. Developed and managed relationships with CFOs. Structured and underwrote credit facilities up to $500,000,000 for working capital, fixed asset finance, real estate, project finance, receivables securitizations, etc.

Vice President, Wells Fargo Commercial Bank (professional)

Business Development Officer for Wells Fargo Commercial Bank.

Stage, Film & TV Actor - NYC, Los Angeles, Paris (professional)

Appeared in the #1 rated TV show in the world, critically acclaimed plays and films.

Vice President, Sales and Customer Service, Budget Van Lines (professional)

Led 60 sales professional and 15 customer service professionals and 6 managers in the large, call center operation.

Published Author - Be Bold, Live Huge - The 6 Pillars of Success - How to get what you want in life (professional)


Book on the psychology, habits and behaviors of the most successful people and how you can be one of them.

Published Author - ZoneFlow - Peak Performance and Success System (professional)


A proven system to consistently perform in your peak range and achieve your dreams.

Published Author. Breakout Presentations. How to WOW! People in Business and Life. (professional)


How to become a compelling speaker and own your stage in business and life.

Education (12)

Purdue University: MBA, Business Administration

American Academy of Dramatic Arts: AA, Theater/Acting

Seminars, classes and self-education: NLP and other change and human optimization sciences, tools and techniques.

UCLA: BA, Political Science

Wells Fargo Commercial Credit School:

RMJ Project Manangement: Project Management Professional (PMP)

GE Capital Commrcial Credit and Sale Training:

Purdue University: MBA, Business Administration 1994

UCLA: BA, Political Science

American Academy of Dramatic Arts: AA, Acting

RMA Professional Project Management: Completed all hours necessary for PMP certification, PMP - Project Management Professional

American Medical Billing Association: Certification by ABA in medical billing, Certified Medical Billing

Testimonials (9)

John Cyprus, President/CEO | Ameritic

I lead a tough, seasoned group of hard-driving individuals. This translates into people who are extremely skeptical and partially closed-minded, especially when it comes to seminars.

Your presentation was motivating, entertaining and fun, yet filled with powerful "tools" to use in our work and lives. Each person I've spoken with about your speech and breakout session was incredibly impressed with your powerful delivery and practical relevance. You broke through those barriers with your positive energy giving wisdom, leaving us with practical and effective tools to apply in the real world.

Thank you for your outstanding speech and breakout session at the conference. I look forward to working with you in future conferences.

Chantal Niven, Executive Producer | Green Isle Films

I am always looking for ways to help keep myself and my team more focused, efficient and effective. Chris’ workshop was right on the money! His business experiences and personal life stories combined with the fun, practical exercises demonstrated how we can stay focused, be more resourceful and “squeeze” the most juice out of ourselves, our work and our lives.
Chris’ speech and breakout group were truly inspiring, motivational and packed with real-life tools we can and will use in business as well as in our daily lives. I personally never realized how much power I have to affect change in myself and my life. I’m already a successful person, but now feel like I’ve only just begun and am excited about future growth potential. With the beliefs

Dylan Gittleman, Vice President | IBM

Thank you for your presentation and breakout session at the recent conference. Your command of the stage and message were moving, entertaining and useful.
As you know Chris, both your persona and message resonate. I’ve heard many speakers in my life and very few can hold a candle to you and the vast majority fall far short of your skill and relevance. You are both show and substance, a rare combination.
You’ll be happy to know that I am applying your tools and the results are FANTASTIC. I’m even more positive, focused and resourceful than I was prior to your seminar, which is an accomplishment, because I already had a strong mastery of those qualities. The results haven’t been limited to my work. Even my wife has noticed a positive change

Joanne Nall, President | Nall Associates

Chris Babson is an extraordinary speaker, with great stage presence and charisma. His lighthearted and sincere speaking style is both engaging and inspiring. He quickly grabs the audience and holds their attention with his wit and wisdom.
He offers real tools for transformation, teaching how to overcome obstacles and break free of bad habits. Whether professionally or personally, Chris has the ability to bring about true change, inspiring people to set goals, live them, and ultimately achieve unlimited results.
I have learned a great deal from Chris and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a dynamic, motivational and life-enhancing presentation.

April De Coqu, Adminstrator | Pacific Mobile

“Today was exceptional. I am walking away with a great deal of knowledge & I am excited to employ what I’ve learned.”

Amethyst, Division Manager | Leadership Seminar in Dallas

Chris had a wealth of studies and stories that were both entertaining and relevant. He had tons of valuable leadership advice. Can’t wait to apply it.

Rosh, Corporate Customer Service Director | Gamestop

Chris is Awesome!! He is very candid, I love his style!! I truly enjoyed this training!! He kept us engaged.

Dina, Operations Manager | San Jose Public Utilities

Chris gave me great tools for motivating my people.

Steven, Manager | DeltaStar Technologies

Inspiring. Opens your eyes to the amount of opportunities that are out there to become a better leader.

Sample Talks (4)

BOLD! The 6 Pillars of Success

Breakout of the boundaries that constrain & limit your personal & organizational success
Reach your greatest potential CONSISTENTLY & MASSIVELY
Unlock & unleash your — or your organization’s — human potential
Create a passionate, focused & accountable personal & organizational culture
Cultivate creative difference-making
Slay every obstacle & own each opportunity
Simple, Proven Tools and Techniques for Maximized Human Potential
Create an on-fire culture driven to contribution, service and result

Breakout Leadership

Virtually all managers mistake management for leadership. They have little in common. Managing is simple. Leadership is not.
Don’t believe your own “press” managers. You’re not nearly as good as you think. It’s a psychological principle called “Optimism Bias.”
Manage people and they will simply play the game, pretending to follow you, without you knowing it.
Lead people and you have evangelical loyalists who give their hearts, minds and their best to the cause.

Master All Opportunties and Slay Every Obstacle

Master the ability to break through the self-limiting beliefs, behaviors and results we all have and MASTER YOUR EXCEPTIONAL POTENTIAL as an individual or as an organization and kick the &#%& out of every obstacle.

Breakout Presentations. WOW! People in Business and Life.

WOW! People in Business and Life. Learn to master your most dynamic communication and presentation skills. Jump start your career and persuade, motivate and energize others.



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