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Christopher Dingman - Trimount Communications. Raleigh, NC, US

Christopher Dingman

Founder | Trimount Communications


Empowering Confident, Dynamic Leaders: Executive Communications Consultant • Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Coach



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A talented communications professional with more than 30 years experience as a writer, editor, public spokesman and trainer, Chris has dedicated his career to helping individuals and companies succeed. As a speaker—and a corporate trainer—Chris can teach you and your colleagues how to:
• Communicate a constructive vision so everyone understands the company’s goals.
• Motivate teams by creating positive dialogue in the workplace.
• Lead by example, inspiring fellow workers to excel.
Working as a freelance writer and journalist, Chris’ byline has appeared in international, national and local publications including Advertising Age, Business Tokyo and Chief Executive magazines. Covering various industries has taught him how important communications are in executing an effective business strategy and making a company profitable.
In addition to his work as a journalist, he has created promotional copy for private clients as well as ad agencies and PR firms in New York and Boston, participating in advertising and publicity campaigns for leading companies:
• AT&T
• Chase
• New York Life
• Newsweek
Chris also worked for major health organizations including the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF), putting his extensive training in public speaking to good use, lecturing civic and non-profit groups about genetic diseases. During his time at NHF, Chris worked closely with the press to promote the foundation's efforts in fighting hemophilia.
As his career progressed, Chris founded Trimount Communications, an executive communications and leadership development firm. He created training programs in five areas every successful leader needs to master—or risk failure in today's demanding, information society:
• communications and leadership development
• interpersonal communications
• leadership theory
• business writing
• public speaking
• media relations
As a veteran communicator, Chris will be glad to speak to your company about the incredible power of communications to fuel professional growth and create confident, dynamic leaders—or he’ll be happy to customize a presentation tailored specially for your company’s needs.
To learn more about how Chris can make a positive impact in your life as a speaker—or as a corporate trainer—please call him today at 919-655-4063 or 617-262-9075. Or visit for additional information.

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Management Consulting

Corporate Training

Writing and Editing

Corporate Leadership

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Public Relations and Communications

Professional Training and Coaching

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Interpersonal Communications

Business Writing

Public Speaking

Media Relations

Ceo Professional and Personal Growth

C-Suite and Senior Management Training

Executive Communications

Leadership Development

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Boston College: Bachelor of Arts, English and History

Testimonials (2)

Kevin Harrington, CEO | Vortex Drainage Systems LLC

I invited Chris to speak at our regional sales meeting to provide some insight on public speaking and sales presentations. Chris gave a tailored, insightful and entertaining presentation that provided actionable guidance and applicable suggestions for improvement. In addition, Chris provided helpful literature for attendees to take home for review. Once the presentation was done, Chris took the time to answer all questions in both the group setting and on an informal basis during the break. Feedback from the sales team was that the presentation was highly valuable and contained a great deal of information that could be directly applied to their next sales prospect. I would highly recommend Chris for any sales training you have, the more you can tell him about your business and the challenges you face, the more he can help you!

Scott, Member | Cary Rotary Club

Chris Dingman spoke to The Cary Rotary Club in 2013 on the topic "10 Tips for Successful Public Speaking." Members of the Rotary Club include small business owners, leaders within large companies and leaders within civic or non-profit organizations. Chris did a good job engaging with the audience and was an informative, expert speaker. His advice was practical, useful and easy to understand . . . [he] was comfortable speaking to the audience, well prepared and kept everyone's attention.

Sample Talks (1)

HOW LEADERS CAN ENGAGE THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF EMPLOYEES, The Power of Communications To Transform the Workplace

Engaging employees starts with leaders communicating their vision. But it doesn’t stop there. Employees have to understand and make the vision their own or it will fail (according to a recent Gallup report 50% of U.S. employees are disengaged, lacking motivation). When everyone in a company—from the top rungs of the corporate ladder on down—embraces the vision, companies are transformed creating a culture of success, enhancing employee morale and stimulating company growth. Please contact Chris if you have questions or would like to schedule a presentation of HOW LEADERS CAN ENGAGE THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF EMPLOYEES, The Power of Communications To Transform the Workplace. Call 919-655-4063 or 617-262-9075.



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500 to 5000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee

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