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Christopher Jones - The Narrow Road. Huntsville, AL, US

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Professional in Youth Culture and Youth Ministry





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Chris has served in the teenager culture for over 16 years. In that time he worked as a youth ministry trainer at Southern Seminary and trained youth pastors who serve all over the world. Chris also worked as a staff consultant for Youth Ministry Architects who guide youth ministries across America. Chris served as an Executive Student Pastor at some of the largest churches in America and currently speaks and consults in public schools, churches, and parent groups. His first book is due to be released in the spring of 2013. His blog is read by thousands every week.

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Management Consulting

Training and Development

Education (3)

University of Southern Mississippi: BS in Pre-law, Pre-Law 1995

University of Alabama: BS in Nursing, Nursing 1987

Andersonville Seminary: MA in Theology, Theology 2004

Testimonials (3)

Ronald Philpot, Program Analyst | Wilkes and Associates

“Chris is a wonderful and energetic speaker. He is able to sway the audience to his every whim. He embraces you with his words ad never lets go. he invites you in, tells you the story and lets you go yearning for more. If you need to influence Children or adult, alike, choose Mr. Christopher Jones!”

Matthew McCullum, E3 Engineer | Marshall Space Flight Center

“Chris is a passionate and engaging speaker, capable of connecting with both youth and adults. Chris is knowledgeable and always well prepared when delivering his message. He is always entertaining and I whole-heartedly recommend Chris.”

Chanelle Ciaccio, Professional Organizer | The Bread Service

“Chris is one of the most upbeat inspirational people I have ever been around. His positive attitude and glass always full approach to everything he does has profoundly touched the lives of so many. Especially youth. In whatever capacity Chris is focusing on at the moment, he not only gives it a 100%, but leaves all in his wake washed with a feeling of life is good!! We can all succeed!! Live is worth living!!! Can I recommend Chris Jones---Absolutely YES!!!”

Event Appearances (1)

Missional Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry Consulting Event  Decatur, AL


Sample Talks (1)

Understanding Today's Teenage Culture

A great overview of understanding the current teenage culture. This talk includes the cognitive and physical needs of the current teenage culture.



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