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Christopher Kilby, PhD - Villanova University. Villanova, PA, US

Christopher Kilby, PhD

Professor of Economics | Villanova School of Business | Villanova University


Christopher Kilby, PhD, is an expert in political economy of development aid and how it is influenced by U.S. politics and world events.






Aid and Democracy Redux: Reassessing the Impact of Foreign Aid on Democracy


Areas of Expertise (8)


Development Economics

Foreign Aid

Macroeconomic Theory

Multilateral Aid

Microeconomic Theory


World Bank


Dr. Kilby's focus is on the political economy of foreign aid, a topic at the intersection of Economics and Political Science. His work includes statistical analysis that examines the influence of the U.S. and other major donors on the behavior of international financial institutions, such as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, the domestic politics of U.S. bilateral aid, and the impact of aid on developing countries.

Education (2)

Stanford University: PhD

Harvard University: AB

Select Accomplishments (3)

Research Excellence Award (professional)

2013-2016 Center for Global Leadership

Faculty Research Award (professional)

2015 McDonough Family

Summer Research Fellowship (professional)

2009 Villanova University

Affiliations (2)

  • Review of International Organizations - Editorial Board
  • Review of International Organizations - Book Review Editor

Select Media Appearances (4)

Inspiring Minds: Electioneering Through Foreign Aid

Villanova School of Business - Inspiring Minds Podcast  


Institutions like the World Bank can have a large effect on developing countries. The funding they provide has the potential to improve -- and even save -- the lives of millions of people. The funding they provide also has the potential to keep governments in power. In this episode of Inspiring Minds, we'll find out how an incumbent government's alignment with the United States impacts its access to money from the World Bank in the run-up to an election. Listen as Will Seabaugh’16 VSB interviews Erasmus Kersting, PhD, Associate Professor of Economics and Christopher Kilby, PhD, Professor, Economics.

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Angus Deaton, his Nobel Prize, and foreign aid



Earlier this month, Princeton’s Angus Deaton was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences—an award richly deserved for Deaton’s path-breaking work on consumption, poverty, and welfare. ... Similarly, Villanova’s Erasmus Kersting and Christopher Kilby found a positive relationship between aid and democracy.

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A Group Of Economists Wrote An Open Letter In Favor Of Janet Yellen, And The List Of Names Is STACKED

Business Insider  


More than 200 econ professors and counting have signed an open letter calling on President Obama to name Fed Board Vice Chair Janet Yellen to succeed Ben Bernanke as Fed Chair. ... Christopher Kilby, Associate Professor of Economics, Villanova University

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Lagarde says debt among IMF top concerns



Under pressure on many fronts, Christine Lagarde used her first news conference as managing director of the International Monetary Fund to lay out her concerns and to suggest ways to shore up financial markets around the world. ... "The memory of the IMF's mismanagement of the Asian finance crisis in the late 1990s still lingers, making the IMF's performance this time round all the more important for the long term reputation of the institution," said Christopher Kilby, an associate professor of economics at the Villanova School of Business.

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Select Academic Articles (4)

With a little help from my friends: Global electioneering and World Bank lending

Journal of Development Economics

Kersting, E. and Kilby, C.


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Informal influence in the Inter-American Development Bank

Handbook on the Economics of Foreign Aid

Bland, E., and Kilby, C.


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Assessing the impact of World Bank preparation on project outcomes

Journal of Development Economics

Kilby, C.


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Aid and democracy redux

European Economic Review

Kilby, C.


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