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Claire Kamp-Dush - The Ohio State University. Columbus, OH, US

Claire Kamp-Dush

Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Science | Department of Sociology | The Ohio State University


Human sciences and sociology expert, focusing on family science






NCFR 2009 Conference Claire Kamp Dush




I am an associate professor of Human Sciences and Sociology (by courtesy appointment), an active affiliate of the Institute for Population Research, and graduate studies chair of the graduate program in Human Development and Family Science.

I received my undergrad in Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and my masters and Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies at the Pennsylvania State University. I have been trained across several social science disciplines. My primary mentors have been psychologist Joe Pleck at Illinois, clinical psychologist Cathy Cohan and sociologist Paul Amato at Penn State, and economist Liz Peters at Cornell.

Since being at Ohio State, my primary collaborators have been developmental psychologist Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan, clinical psychologist Galena Rhoades, and sociologist Miles Taylor.

I am a member of the Council on Contemporary Families, International Association for Relationship Research, National Council on Family Relations, and the Population Association of America. I review for journals in family studies, sociology, psychology, and demography.

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Writing and Editing


Public Policy

Areas of Expertise (4)

Intimate Relationships




Accomplishments (2)

Distinguished Teaching Award (professional)


Awarded by the College of Education and Human Ecology, The Ohio State University

Scholar of the Year Award (professional)


Awarded by the Department of Human Development and Family Science, The Ohio State University

Education (4)

Institute for the Social Sciences, Cornell University: Postdoctoral Fellow 2007

Pennsylvania State University: Ph.D., Human Development and Family Studies 2005

Pennsylvania State University: M.S., Human Development and Family Studies 2002

University of Illinois: B.S., Human Development and Family Studies 1999

Media Appearances (4)

Number of women taking maternity leave stalled, study shows

The Columbus Dispatch  


Claire Kamp Dush, an associate professor of human sciences at Ohio State, said the difference is frustrating but not surprising. “Women have positions that have less privileges attached to them, they get paid less and they’re more likely to do part-time work,” she said. Though paid maternity leave is increasing, it’s by less than three-tenths of one percent a year, according to the study, which was published Thursday in the American Journal of Public Health...

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Marrying young: Marital expectations for kids influenced by mom



"That may be because they have seen that marriage is not the only pathway for a committed romantic relationship," says Claire Kamp Dush, senior author of the study and associate professor of human sciences and sociology. Arocho writes that delaying marriage past early to mid-20s is not necessarily a recipe for a successful marriage. There is research that shows that marrying past ages 22-25 does not benefit in preventing divorce...

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Living together is basically the same as marriage, study finds

The Washington Post  


Using data from the 1997 National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, Sara E. Mernitz and Claire Kamp Dush from Ohio State University looked at what happens when young people cohabitate, transition into marriage or progress from a first to second cohabitation — and how men and women experience these changes differently...

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Men Share Housework Equally—until the First Baby



Dual-earner couples share the housework equally—until the first baby comes. As a tenured professor and mother of four young sons, I am constantly asked, “How do you do it?” What people mean is: “How can you have a full-time job and still manage child care and housework?” I usually respond, “High-quality husband and high-quality child care, in that order.” From the outset, my husband, a full-time clinical pharmacist, has been a committed partner in caring for our house and raising our children...

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Recent Research (5)

​Even thinking about marriage gets young people to straighten up

The Ohio State University


“This is a reminder that marriage still matters,” said Claire Kamp Dush, co-author and professor of human sciences at Ohio State. “Just the expectation of marriage may be enough to change some people’s behavior.” The study appears online in the Journal of Marriage and Family and will be published in a future print edition...

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Millennials and marrying young: Like mother, like child

The Ohio State University


“That may be because they have seen that marriage is not the only pathway for a committed romantic relationship,” said Claire Kamp Dush, senior author of the study and associate professor of human sciences and sociology...

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Study shows which new moms post the most on Facebook

The Ohio State University


Other co-authors were Mitchell Bartholomew of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center; and Jason Sullivan, Meghan Lee, Claire Kamp Dush and Michael Glassman, all of Ohio State. The New Parents Project was funded by the National Science Foundation and the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development...

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​Live together or get married? Study finds similar emotional benefits

The Ohio State University


Claire Kamp Dush, co-author of the study and associate professor of human sciences at Ohio State, said the results may reflect the fact that cohabiting today does not carry the same stigma as in previous generations. Nowadays, about two-thirds of couples live together before marriage. “At one time marriage may have been seen as the only way for young couples to get the social support and companionship that is important for emotional health,” Kamp Dush said...

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How new moms assess their partners’ ability to parent

The Ohio State University


Other co-authors are Claire Kamp-Dush, associate professor of human sciences at Ohio State; Lauren Altenburger, a graduate student at Ohio State; Meghan Lee of Arizona State University; and Daniel Bower of Agility Clinical Biotechnology...

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