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Clare Beckton - Carleton University Centre for Women in Politics and Public Leadership. Ottawa, ON, CA

Clare Beckton Clare Beckton

Executive Director | Carleton University Centre for Women in Politics and Public Leadership

Ottawa, ON, CANADA

Author, researcher, motivational speaker, consultant, coach and leader



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Clare Beckton is a former senior executive in the Canadian government including roles as Assistant Deputy attorney General Aboriginal affairs and Agency head-Status of Women Canada. She is currently Founding Executive Director of the Carleton University Centre for Women in Politics and Public Leadership and author of Own It, Your Success, Your Life, Your Future. The Centre promotes and leads research to advance women’s leadership through working with a variety of partners, develops and delivers advancement of women leaders training and creates partnerships and awareness.

She has extensive experience in a broad range of areas including leading large organizations, Strategic planning, governance, leadership to change systems, risk management, gender, diversity , inclusion, Aboriginal policy issues, and advancement of women’s leadership. She has strong interpersonal and communication skills.

She leads workshops on Owning Your Success for women, creating a diverse workplace, leads a one week development program to advance women’s leadership and is a regular speaker at many events.

Industry Expertise (3)

Corporate Leadership

Management Consulting


Areas of Expertise (7)

Women's Leadership

Strategic Planning

Risk Management

Aboriginal Policy Issues

Inclusion and Diversity

Motivational Speaker

Leadership Development

Education (3)

Harvard University: Master's, Public Administration

University of Saskatchewan: LLB, Law

University of Saskatchewan: Bachelor's Degree, BA

Media Appearances (5)

Women in the workforce

CBC The National  


In their first meeting since the president's inauguration, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S President Donald Trump launched a joint initiative to support women in the workforce...

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Sophie Grégoire Trudeau's request for more staff sparks debate over role of PM's spouse

CBC  radio


The question of what role the prime minister's wife should play — and on whose dime — has become an intense debate on Parliament Hill, on Facebook and Twitter feeds, and in media outlets in Canada and around the world.

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What you may not have known about female entrepreneurs

The Globe and Mail  print


Our national tour of Canada reminded us of John Candy’s Planes, Trains and Automobiles, but we also added a Helijet from Victoria to Vancouver. Travelling across the country, our mission was to speak to as many female entrepreneurs as possible about entrepreneurship and risk-taking.

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'Risk-averse' stereotype holding female-owned SMEs back, new study says

Ottawa Business Journal  print


Many female-owned businesses in Canada fail to reach their potential because lending institutions wrongly believe women aren’t as willing to take risks as men and consequently will be less likely to succeed, a landmark new study says.

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Women entrepreneurs don't take risks? Says who?

Ipolitics  online


The number of women-owned businesses has been steadily increasing at a faster rate than male-owned businesses. Their contributions to the Canadian economy are significant. Yet they continue to be hampered by assumptions and stereotypes suggesting they are risk-averse. Women entrepreneurs are not a homogeneous group, as the literature seems to imply.

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Articles (3)

Canadians Have A Lot To Celebrate And Be Grateful For This Year

Huffington Post


A new year is always a time to reflect and think about the future. This is a special new year. As Canadians, we are fortunate to celebrate our 150 anniversary. In so many ways we are a young country built by immigrants and the existing indigenous populations.

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It's Not "Locker Room Talk," It's Sexual Harassment

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Speaking as if his lewd comments, which also suggest sexual assault is okay because he is a star, are okay because it is locker room talk? His apology at the second presidential debate was undermined by his justification of his comments as locker room talk, along with other comments that he has made throughout his campaign.

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We Need Multi-Generational Leadership Across All Sectors

Huffington Post


Times are changing. As we look around the world we see turmoil and division. Part of the division comes from the dissatisfaction, frustration, anger and fear of those who feel left out or left behind.

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