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Clayton Bye - Chase Enterprises Publishing. Kenora, ON, CA

Clayton Bye Clayton Bye

Owner/Publisher | Chase Enterprises Publishing

Kenora, ON, CANADA


Clayton Bye spent one year (in the 90's) as a professional speaker before suffering voice problems. By the time he was healed, his writing business had taken off, so Clayton never returned to full-time speaking. He has, however, addressed or taught at high schools, Colleges and businesses--both large and small, across different industries and on a wide variety of topics. Trained in both the Toatmasters and Dale Carnegie ways of speaking, Clayton has developed his own layed back but powerful style. He has also "borrowed" techniques and ideas from such speakers as Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar, and he is familiar with the tenents and principles of NLP.

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Writing and Editing

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Author, Editor, Publisher (professional)


Clayton Bye is a writer, editor and publisher. The author of 9 books and a varied collection of short stories, poems, articles and hundreds of reviews, he recently published an anthology of excellent short stories by some great talents from around the world. Mr. Bye also offers a wide range of writing services, including small business management for writers.

Editor-in-Chief (professional)


“Clayton Bye excels at timely, on-the-mark manuscript and ARC evaluations, providing knowledgeable, in-depth, perceptive reviews in a well-articulated presentation that never offends, but, simultaneously, provides a balanced, and, most importantly, honest critique of the work. His evaluations always prove to give valuable insights and feedback, useful to readers and authors, both. DLKeur, owner, The Deepening” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Hi Integrity

Freelance Writer (professional)


“Mr. Bye is not only a talented writer but also an extremely professional one. He accepts critiques and praise with equal grace and thoughtfulness, and is dedicated to the craft of writing. It was a pleasure to work with Clayton Bye and publish his compelling and image rich work of fiction The Speed of Dark.” September 9, 2009 The Write Room, Editor/Publisher/Founder, The Write Room worked directly with Clayton at freelance

Publisher (professional)


Megan Johns, writer of contemporary romance/ women's fiction, Self-employed writer (business partner) “I consider myself very fortunate to have formed links with Clayton Bye. Clayton is an acclaimed writer of eight books, including fiction and business books. There seems to be no aspect of the writing industry to elude him. As well as a writer, he is a reviewer, editor and publisher, owning Chase Enterprises... and published the Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road... "

Writer/Editor (professional)


“Clayton Bye is a gifted writer with an affinity for the practicalities of independent authorship. As an Editor, I found Clayton to be detail oriented, yet never lacking a firm grasp on the big picture of what I, as the writer am attempting to convey. Clayton is personable, dependable and networks well with fellow writers online.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative Tonya Moore hired Clayton as a Writer/Editor in 2009

Novel Reviews, Book Reviews (professional)


“Clayton is a dedicated, hard working member of my reviewing team. He pays attention to detail, writes without the need for further editing and, while he can work alone without supervision, he is also a very good team player -- always willing and enthusiastic in his role. From my experience with working with Clayton, he takes his responsibilities seriously and is keen to provide his best in everything he does for AR, hence, I have no reservations in recommending him... Sassy Brit, AR

Writer (professional)


"Clayton Bye is one of the most prolific and talented writers I know. He is an eloquent poet, insightful critic, imaginative novelist, and a self-help expert. The sheer volume of his work makes me dizzy, and he seems comfortable in all genres. From his compelling collection of short stories and essays to fiction winners like "The Sorcerer's Key" and inspirational works like "How To Get What You Want From Life" and "Getting Clear," he seems to find more hours in a day... Tim Fleming