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Clem Clay - University of Massachusetts Amherst. Amherst, MA, US

Clem Clay

Director of Extension Agriculture Program | University of Massachusetts Amherst


Clem Clay oversees professionals serving the agriculture, forestry, fruit-growing and commercial horticulture industries in Massachusetts.

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Agriculture Extension



Environmental Policy

Public Policy

Insects and People


Clem Clay oversees teams of professionals serving the production, agriculture, forestry, fruit-growing and commercial horticulture industries throughout Massachusetts with educational programming, laboratory services and advice.

These experts (in soil science, plant pathology, entomology, weed science, agronomy, risk management, food safety, urban agriculture and more, add tremendous value to the work of vegetable, fruit and livestock farmers and professionals in the landscape, turf, arboriculture, greenhouse, and related industries.

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June Flood Aftermath | The Fabulous 413 | August 2, 2023


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University of Massachusetts Amherst: MPPA, Public Policy and Administration

University of California, Berkeley: B.S., The Soil Environment

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The State of Solar: In the second of four forums at UMass, experts discuss challenges of siting solar facilities

Daily Hampshire Gazette  online


“The tradeoffs between agricultural production and energy production is going to vary with both the farm-related factors and the solar factors,” said UMass Extension Agriculture Director Clem Clay. “Another thing that I think is often forgotten is that the benefits of solar revenue may or may not flow to those who are responsible for agriculture production on the farm.”

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Indicted soil

New England Public Media  online


The UMass Extension was established to help the greater community use the resources available on campus and they've been helping MDAR with their ongoing efforts in our area. We chat with director Clem Clay and production agriculture leader Susan Scheufele about the ways in which they can and are helping all of us make good use of the land beneath our feet, floodwaters or no.

clem clay

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'Case-by-case': Experts say farmers may be able to save some crops from flooded fields

New England Public Media  online


The program's director, Clem Clay, said crops touched by floodwaters from rivers must be destroyed. But under state and federal guidelines, plants which hadn't flowered yet could be salvaged. And crops impacted by flooding just from rain and not swollen rivers may be spared, Clay said.

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Got crazy jumping worms? Who you gonna call? Nobody

MassLive.com  online


A UMass Amherst entomologist says research is ongoing into what harm the invasive Asian species may cause.

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