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Cliff Gager - Cliff Gager Advanced Real Estate Investing Training. Temecula, CA, US

Cliff Gager

Real Estate Investor, Mentor, and Coach. | Cliff Gager Advanced Real Estate Investing Training


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Cliff has been in the real estate business since 1992, when he starting in the residential mortgage lending world as a loan officer for a national mortgage company.

Struggling to make commissions doing loans for Realtors clients, he soon discovered he was in a business dominated by much older, more experienced, and more established mortgage lenders and brokers, Cliff basically fell into a niche market opportunity and created his own client base in the private lending world.

Working with several non-institutional financial investors, he originated private mortgage purchase money loans for real estate investors that were buying, fixing, and selling residential houses. Cliff was instrumental to these real estate investors, by providing funding for both their acquisitions as well as the end user financing for the buyers when the completed and sold the finished homes!

After watching them make money, he saw the profitability and started to buy, fix, and sell houses too.

In 1994, Cliff opened Galleria Investment Group and in 1995, Galleria Realty Group, then in 1995 opened Galleria Mortgage Group, a mortgage brokerage business.

In 1997 he suffered through a divorce, but started working in the seminar industry for many of the late night TV infomercial gurus!

Since then he has worked as a real estate mentor fulfilling their expensive real estate training classes. In 2010 Cliff started working independently and direct with his own students is now bringing his training direct to those that need it the most - at a price that most everyone can afford!

Cliff teaches real world strategies that really work. Weather you are a beginner or a seasoned investor, Cliff can help you reach your goals faster and easier!

Now you can benefit from Cliff’s 21 years in the real estate investing - mortgage - private lending - investor training without all the insane guru training prices.

Cliff will teach his best strategies to help increase your business and help you close more deals!!!

Industry Expertise (2)

Real Estate Services

Financial Services

Areas of Expertise (3)

Mortgage and Note Investing

Real Estate Investing

Personal Wealth Enrichment

Accomplishments (1)

Create successful results for clients. (professional)


In the last two years, I have been able to help my clients achieve a very high rate of accomplishment! In an industry that hits client success rates of 5-8%, whereas 60% of my clients/students are acquiring a profitable deal within 30-45 days after utilizing my real estate investing strategies.

Education (1)

Northeast High School: General Education 1981

I tested out of high school while in 9th Grade and acquired my General Education Diploma

Testimonials (4)

Richard-mary Buckley, Real Estate Student | Cliff Gager Training

I had taken several sessions with one of the more well known Guru's in this business and still hadn't found a property. After one year of very frustrating efforts, I thought I would try one of Cliff's sessions just to see what happened. After three days with him, I had a good realtor, a hard money lender, and a contractor. Within a couple of more weeks I had a property under contract, had money, and had started a project. Within the first year I had completed and sold 4 properties and will likely double or triple that next year with multiple properties underway at the same time. So if you want to learn the flipping business and learn it successfully, spend some time with Cliff and you will be well rewarded for your efforts."

Ron Field, Real Estate Student | Cliff Gager Training

"I was introduced to Cliff Gager about two years ago, I learned several advanced strategies from him, Cliff was involved in helping with my first real estate transaction, Cliffs way of teaching is easy to understand, He makes sure you understand what he is teaching,, and cliff makes it fun to learn."

Susan Harbolt, Real Estate Student | Cliff Gager Training

"Cliff is very informational on up to date Real estate Markets and teaching strategies to obtain financial goals. After taking his class we were able to achieve, maintain and grow our investments far beyond our expectations. Cliff is a believer that anyone can take control of their destiny and his method help do just that. An investment in Cliff program has paid an unbelievable interest!"

Lisa Cadigan, Real Estate Student | Cliff Gager Training

"I attended Cliff's class last year and learned so much! He truly is a wonderful educator. His knowledge of Real Estate Investing has helped me move my business forward and make money. He makes himself available for questions and mentoring, makes sure you understand the answer and follows up with you to be sure you have resolved your problem. Don't hesitate to sign up for his training. Your business will flourish when you use the tactics he has taught you!"

Event Appearances (1)

Real Estate Training 3 day mentor classes

Cliff Gager's Property Tour and 3 day Boot Camp  All over the US and Canada


Sample Talks (1)

Real Estate Seminar sales and fullfilment

Since I speak mostly at sales events and educational events, I have the ability to be a strong closer when selling and a strong educator when teaching and I am able to conduct both aspects seamlessly during my presentations. My appeal across almost every demographic is related to the fact that I really care about the people receiving the training I provide and that I really care that they are fully aware of their own potential. My success is of my clients/students success and accomplishments.



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