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Coach Scott Graham - True Azimuth, LLC. Greater Boston Area, MA, US

Coach Scott Graham

Business Coach, Life Coach, Career Coach and LinkedIn Expert - Boston, MA | True Azimuth, LLC

Greater Boston Area, MA, UNITED STATES

Boston Business Coach, Boston Career Coach, LinkedIn Expert, Firefighter & Counselor specializing in Motivational Interviewing



Should you hire me as your business coach?

✮ Are you starting a business? I will help you avoid the mistakes new business owners make.
✮ Do you do marketing “on the fly” -- vulnerable to every salesman that approaches to sell advertising “stuff”? I will help you create and integrate a market plan for your business.
✮ Do you know the implications of your business's quick ratio from the last month? I will make sure that you are analyzing your finances and making decisions based on them.
✮ Is work your life? Are you feeling burnt out? I will help you get balance.

Should you hire me as your career coach?
✮ Are you feeling confused? I will help you create a solid career direction.
✮ Do you hate going to work -- stuck in a career that you never wanted to do in the first place? I will help you identify your expectations and career needs and figure out how to get them met.
✮ Do you know what you want but just aren’t doing it? I will help you get “unstuck.”

Should you hire me as your life coach?
✮ Is your relationship becoming more work than joy? I will help you re-invigorate your relationships.
✮ Do you hate what you see when you look in the mirror? I will help you become the person you know you could be – whether exercising more, losing weight or putting the end to addictive behaviors.
✮ Are you overwhelmed by time and your life’s demands? I will help you find balance and build skills to manage the things that are currently pushing and pulling you around.

Whether helping you with your business, career or “life”, I have the:
✔ background,
✔ credentials, and
✔ expertise to get you to success.

With a Master's degree in Business plus 2 Bachelor's degrees (Psychology and Communication) plus years of counseling experience (VT Licensed Counselor / Clinical Supervisor) I KNOW you will get results.

► I offer a full money-back guarantee.◄

I carry full Malpractice Insurance -- something many coaches can't get because they don't have the right credentials.

Industry Expertise (3)

Professional Training and Coaching


Business Services

Areas of Expertise (3)

Team Building

Public Speaking


Education (3)

University of South Florida: B.A., Psychology 1987

Computer Engineering, Minor

University of South Florida: B.A., Communication 1987

Music, minor

Antioch New England Graduate School, Antioch University: M.S., Business Management 1993

Affiliations (2)

  • Toastmasters
  • Better Business Bureau A+ Accredited



  • Keynote
  • Workshop Leader
  • Corporate Training


0 to 500 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee