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Colleen Wainwright - Communicatrix. West Hollywood, CA, US

Colleen Wainwright

principal | Communicatrix

West Hollywood, CA, UNITED STATES

A dynamic evangelist for the creative and strategic use of social media.






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Colleen Wainwright spent 10 years writing ads and another 10 acting in them for cash money. Since deciding she’d blow her brains out sitting through one more meeting about which way the bears danced around the cereal box, she's spent her time teaching creative-minded folk how to talk about what they do in a way that wins them attention, work and satisfaction.

In 2011, Colleen used herself as a guinea pig for her own theories on social media and attention, raising over $100,000 in 50 days for a local Los Angeles nonprofit benefitting high school girls. She spends far too much time on the Internet.

Industry Expertise (4)


Writing and Editing

Performing Arts

Social Media

Areas of Expertise (5)

Content Strategy


Building Community


Social Media

Accomplishments (1)

The 50-for-50 Project (personal)

Raised over $61,000 in 50 days ($11K over goal) to benefit local LA non-profit in one of the largest solo-driven, 100% digital campaigns ever.

Education (1)

Cornell University: B.A., English 1983

cum laude

Testimonials (1)

Susan Carr, Former Education Director | ASMP Strictly Business 3

Working with Colleen Wainwright is a joy. Her contemporary approach to marketing is exactly what I needed for ASMP’s conference keynote and she delivered beyond my expectations. Her talk was inspiring, funny and informative. As the conference producer, Colleen made my job easier by meeting deadlines, offering creative input and generally making my job easier. She is high quality and low maintenance and receives my highest recommendation.

Event Appearances (7)


Ignite: Portland  Portland, OR


TEDxTacoma  Tacoma, WA


South by Southwest Interactive  Austin, TX


ASMP Strictly Business 3  Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA; Philadelphia, PA


Seattle Interactive Conference  Seattle, WA


Creative Freelancer Conference  San Diego, CA


Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference  Washington, DC

Sample Talks (2)

Making People Love You Madly: Selling Yourself in the Postmodern Marketplace

How does a small voice stand out in a crowded market? Not by spending the most nor by yelling the loudest. The secret lies in making yourself irresistible at all turns: in person, on your website, over the phone, and of course, on all those crazy social media outlets that keep popping up all over the internet. This talk provides a simple, logical framework you can use to market yourself more effectively with less stress across all platforms, online and off, along with strategies for improving your social media engagement that you can put to use immediately, and includes current, real-life examples of all of the above, including profiles of people who are successfully using social media to gain work and attention.

Passion Rules: Getting Attention When There's None to Spare

In the summer of 2011, Colleen Wainwright set out to raise $50,000 in the 50 days leading up to her 50th birthday for a local Los Angeles non-profit. This talk deconstructs her campaign, illuminates the thinking behind the successful strategies, and points toward ways others can take the learning and apply it to their own causes and projects.



  • Keynote


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