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Cory Skinner - Consulate General of Canada (CTA Boston). Boston, MA, US

Cory Skinner

CEO & Founder | FactR (factrpay.io)


Cory Skinner is specialized in multi-industry software design and delivery & Blockchain, AI and IoT web platforms.



Cory is specialized in multi-industry software design and delivery & Blockchain, AI, IoT web platforms, Dapps.

Cory, MBA, is a patent holder and lead for a highly skilled team that architects, designs, & develops Software Platforms and is currently focused on an intelligent & advanced platforms for processing digital documents, integrated capital partners, & finance settlement that leverages Decentralized Ledger technologies such as Stellar.

Cory is a hands-on program leader and technical development professional that brings ideas to life by mating a strong work ethic with experience, collaboration and utilizing immersive tech.

Cory has an MBA, is a patent holder, has spent several years in the Supply Chain Enterprise and is Six Sigma Black Belt certified.

Areas of Expertise (4)


Supply Chain & Logistics

Software Delivery & AI

IoT Web Platforms

Education (4)

University of Liverpool: MBA, Business (Masters) 2009

Florida Institute of Technology: BBA, Management 2008

PMIPMI: CAPM, Project Management 2006

Mohawk College: Diploma, Computer Networking and Information Security 2004





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Cory Skinner AIP Podcast Episode 19 - Cory Skinner, Founder and CEO of FactR The Future of Intelligent Logistics with RoadLaunch


Selected Media Appearances (6)

New blockchain initiative launched

MultiModal UK  online


Cory Skinner, CEO & Founder of FactR commented: “We are more than elated to find a partner with Brian and the TGMatrix team. This is a significant milestone for global logistics, next generation settlement and enabling Trade Finance and instant settlement based on Intelligent Smart Contracts. The FactR team is energized to collaborate and bring our platform to new markets and with trusted partners like TGMatrix.”

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Why Smart Contracts Are Changing The Way LSPs Are Paid With Cory Skinner

FrieghtPath  online


This week we're talking smart contracts, blockchain, and decentralized payments in supply chain- with Cory Skinner, founder of FactR and Roadlaunch.

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How Blockchain is Revolutionizing Freight

StartUp HERE Toronto  online


This challenge gave Cory Skinner, founder of RoadLaunch and an expert on supply chain management, all he needed to expand into the blockchain space. RoadLaunch provides a live application that uses locations, freight and intelligent tools to match loads with trucks and trailers in real time.

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Blockchain In Supply Chain Management Use Case #17: FactR

Disruptor Daily  online


In this interview we speak with Cory Skinner, CEO and founder of FactR, to understand how his company is using blockchain to transform the supply chain management business, and what the future of the industry holds.

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It’s not a zero-sum game: CargoX and RoadLaunch merge the worlds of public and private blockchains

Shipping and Freight Resource  online


Global organizations will be able to see an enhanced, trusted and simple interface for their shipment tracking and document transactions using multiple blockchain technologies. This is truly the world’s first project of this kind and the first step towards true blockchain interoperability,” says Cory Skinner.

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CargoX partners with IoT intelligent logistics platform RoadLaunch

CargoX  online


“This partnership with CargoX is very exciting and it brings us onto a level of next generation logistics supply chain we have not seen in today’s market. The integration of the Smart B/L™, coupled with the RoadLaunch permissions based smart contracts for ground freight, will enable trusted parties to seamlessly interact on global, multi-model transactions. This is then further advanced with FactR cross-border settlement, truly advancing transaction management,” says Cory Skinner, Founder and CEO of RoadLaunch/FactR.

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Selected Event Appearances (1)

AMA w/ Cory Skinner & Mike Szucsik @ FactR



Selected Articles (3)

DeCoin — FactR — Listing August 28, 2019


2019 FactR is excited to announce that FactR (FTR) is about to break into the wider crypto space later this month. The asset will be listed on it’s first centralized exchange, Decoin (track.decoin.io/SHq).

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RoadLaunch & RBI partner to bring Smart Contract based transactions to instant ACE/ACI Manifests.


2019 RoadLaunch, the Canadian leader in Next-Generation Logistics and instant cross-border settlement platform partner FactR, is pleased to announce the signing of a strategic partner agreement with RBI Canada, a best in class provider of electronic manifests, ACE/ACI for North American customs.

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FactR and Liberatrade partner to bring instant Smart Contract based transactions to multiple countries.


2019 FactR, the Canadian leader in Next-Generation instant cross-border settlement is pleased to announce the signing of a strategic partner agreement with LiberaTrade, a trade finance company providing supply chain liquidity and the monetization of logistics data through a portfolio of innovative solutions.

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