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Courage Igene is an author and passionate community leader as well as a father, son, teacher, speaker, actor, and producer.



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Healing Rain Outpouring; Special Miracles




Courage Igene is a passionate author and the President and Founder of All Nations Church in the United States. He is a dedicated teacher and writer of many inspiring and thought provoking books. These books include:

God’s Weapons of Mass Destruction and 100 Reasons Why I Hate Poverty.

As an author, Courage Igene strives to inspire others and open up conversations related to topics he is most passionate about. It is wonderful to be able to share stories and make connections with others through books and writing as well as through community work and volunteer opportunities, another passion for Courage Igene.

Be sure to check out the many publications, blogs, and books by Courage Igene and make new, thought-provoking connections today.

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April – Month Of Divine Turnaround! Courage Igene


The 4th month means the month of TURN AROUND, month of restoration, healing, deliverance, breakthrough, salvation, peace and also Judgement upon our enemies. View what four represent in God!

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The Rewarding Experiences of Community Service Courage Igene


A community can progress only if it involves the participation of each individual. Community service is when individuals offer their time to any aspect of community building for free. Community service is primarily done voluntarily, but some educational institutions and public departments make community service mandatory. Courage Igene is an active volunteer and contributor to his community. He believes strongly in the values of community service and helping others. For Courage Igene, community service is a rewarding experience for everyone involved and truly makes the world a better place.

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Missionary Trips: Courage Igene Courage Igene


Courage Igene is passionate about his faith and sharing his experiences with others. One of his favorite ways to do this is through missionary trips. Going on a missionary trip will definitely be a life changing experience. Besides being a lot of fun, it’s a chance to grow as a person in the community and in one’s own faith. More importantly, it’s a genuine opportunity to change someone’s life by spreading God’s word. Here are a few of the top reasons to go on a missionary trip recommended by Courage Igene.

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Public Speaking Tips from Courage Igene Courage Igene


Courage Igene is a dedicated community leader with a great deal of public speaking experience. Whether he is speaking in front of his own church or in front of a group of strangers during one of his nationwide healing rain revival crusades, Courage has an excellent confidence and strong delivery of his words that fills people will inspiration and motivation. Being able to speak in front of a crowd is an essential skill for strong leaders or any individual trying to voice their thoughts, concerns, and ideas to a widespread audience. Below, ministry expert Courage Igene provides some important public speaking tips to help speakers gain better confidence and a stronger, more powerful voice.

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The Benefits of Reading Courage Igene


Courage Igene is an author with a passion for sharing his stories, thoughts, and perspectives. We have heard our entire lives that reading is an important activity…but what makes it so beneficial to us? For Courage Igene, reading is a pleasant workout for the mind. By keeping the mind strong and healthy, serious illnesses such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s are less likely to develop in old age. Forgetfulness is likely to be less of an issue. The brain needs a workout, just like the rest of the muscles in your body! With this, you end up retaining a great deal of knowledge as you read. The mind takes in what it has read and begins to take note of the new information. It is amazing what you can learn from reading a book.

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The Benefits of Traveling Courage Igene


Courage Igene discusses the many benefits to traveling that allow you to gain new perspectives, meet new people, learn about histories and cultures and so much more!

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The Benefits of Writing from Author Courage Igene Courage Igene


Courage Igene describes how developing good writing habits has helped him achieve his professional goals as well as benefit his daily life routine. Learn about the benefits of writing in his latest blog post.

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Courage Igene – Giving Back During the Holiday Season Courage Igene


Courage Igene encourages all individuals to help others and families in need all year round but especially during the holiday season, a time of love and giving.

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How to Stick to Your New Years Resolutions Courage Igene


Courage Igene discusses the ways people can improve their goal setting strategies and stick to their new years resolutions in 2017.

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Courage Igene on Leadership Courage Igene


As Founder and President of All Nations Church, Courage Igene provides readers with his tips and tricks for quality leadership characteristics.

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Courage Igene on Finding Happiness Courage Igene


As a community leader and founder of All Nations Church, Courage Igene gives his take on how to find happiness in one's life while implementing a sense of community and giving back.

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Sacrificing During Lent Courage Igene


Courage Igene discusses the season of lent and the value and reward of sacrifice in building your relationship with God.

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Spring Cleaning for Mental & Spiritual Health Courage Igene


Courage Igene as a leader of his church has taken on the idea of spring cleaning for the mind, body, and spirit. Learn more about how to get a fresh start this spring and start something new.

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The Importance of Community for Courage Igene Courage Igene


Courage Igene explains the ways in which a sense of community is so essential to everyday human life and interaction.

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The Power of Positive Thinking by Courage Igene Blogspot

Courage Igene


Courage Igene discusses the many benefits of remaining positive and keeping a positive mindset even in troubling situations to benefit both yourself and those around you.

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How to Give Back During the Holiday Season Courage Igene

Courage Igene


Community Leader Courage Igene discusses the many ways you can get involved and help out in the community this holiday season.

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Things to Reflect Upon During the Holiday Season Courage Igene

Courage Igene


Courage Igene speaks to the community about things to reflect upon and be thankful for this year and into the coming year.

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Steps to Becoming a Published Author Courage Igene

Courage Igene


As an author Courage Igene shares his tips and advice to aspiring authors on writing their first novel and achieving their first publication.

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The Value of Addressing Someone By Name Medium

Courage Igene


When we come together to worship God in church, we are coming together as a community — as a family. We must take this into consideration when interacting with each other. We must bring the conversation in the direction of love and warmth.

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